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Welcome to the only blog dedicated to this new hobby of gardening in miniature!

Meet Janit Calvo, the queen of the hobby who has been researching, inventing, teaching, writing, developing and innovating this hobby since 2001.

You’ll still find a bit of sawdust in the corners, and we still have more to add but, after editing 578 blog posts written over 16 years, we think this is a great start.

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We don’t need a season, nor a reason,
to Miniature Garden!

Did you know that miniature Gardening can be enjoyed anytime of year?

Now that your full-sized garden is put-to-bed, you can STILL enjoy planting, designing and, well, gardening! 

If it wasn’t so fun, easy and satisfying we definitely would not be doing this. :o)

What’s New?

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You can see we’re just a little obsessed. See some of our other work on the hobby below. 

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Keep in-touch with your hobby

Stay in touch with your new hobby with our almost-weekly Mini Garden Gazette newsletter. It’s the ONLY newsletter available and we try to add information, inspiration and a laugh or two to each Gazette. Our subscribers get first dibs on any garden miniatures, true miniature trees and the best mini garden bedding plants. Oh, and our last few sales have ONLY been advertised to our Gazette subscribers too! See what your fellow Miniature Gardeners are saying about it, click here! (Link takes you to another page on this site.)

Miniature Fairy Looking for her Mini Garden

Fairy Gardeners are welcome!

We are not against having fairies in your garden, we’re just sticklers for a true garden in miniature. You see, it’s the “suspension of belief” that we strive for our work. A miniature scene, wether it’s a garden or a dollhouse, can be done with attention to scale and detailed realism to create truly enchanting experience that will charm anyone that sees it. And that is what we adore… See our Fairy’s Garden section here. (Link will take you to another page on this site.)

A Miniature Garden Store,

Looking for the what works?

Our store has the world’s longest name for a miniature garden store! Two Green Thumbs’ Miniature Garden Center has been serving the miniature garden hobby since 2001. We specialize in everything gardening in miniature! Click here to visit – this link will take you to the store.

And sometimes a video happens… :o)

This is a sample of our work in video. This one shows you how the accessories dictate the scale of a miniature garden. 

Miniature Gardening with Janit Calvo

The primers for the hobby!

There is nothing like curling-up with a book on your favorite hobby! Our Gardening in Miniature books are written for miniature gardeners, by a miniature gardener. Some fairies are involved but the focus is on the garden.  Learn more about our books here. (Link takes you to another page on this site.)

Miniature Garden Society

You’ve got your hobby…

…now here are your people! Join us and hundreds of other like-minded miniature gardeners. Enjoy a deep-dive into this hobby with the Miniature Garden Society from the person who wrote the book on it. If you think this blog is “it” as far as this hobby can grow and evolve, you’ll be amazed at this exclusive community website! Find out if this is a good fit for you here. This link takes you to the Miniature Garden Society website – there is no obligation for looking.

 Researching, Teaching, Sharing & Building the hobby for YOU!

This blog is free from outside advertising. While enjoying this website, you will NOT get those annoying drug ads and offensive videos playing unexpectedly. Nor will we follow you around the Internet with pop-up ads pestering you to buy something. I know it’s not very sensible business/money wise, but if I had any business sense, I wouldn’t have started this business!

I’ve dedicated over 20 years, most of that full-time, staying focused on researching and building the hobby of Gardening in Miniature so you can enjoy this hobby. I wouldn’t ask this if I didn’t need to. Maintaining & developing websites, sending newsletters, researching, testing and innovating anything new can add-up quickly. Multiply this by 20 years and, well, needless to say…

If you’ve found…

…this blog entertaining, inspirational and informative, please consider making a purchase at our online store. Or, you can buy us a cup of coffee or two or, making a donation thru Paypal here. All proceeds go towards building the hobby and spreading the joy of Gardening in Miniature. Thank you in advance in helping us continue the work of delivering you free and informative information on this wonderful new pasttime.

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Sharing Your Miniature Garden Hobby

Have you noticed what’s completely different about this blog?

Well, not only the hobby of gardening in miniature is completely different, there are NO OUTSIDE ADS!

~> Do you love the video ads starting to play loudly by themselves?

~> Do you enjoy all those medical ads flashing in your peripheral vision?

~> Do you crave advertisments tracking your every move from website to website?

We don’t. We bet you don’t either.

THAT’S why were trying to survive and thrive without it! Please take quick moment to like, comment, share or repost for us! 

janit Calvo setting up for a demo

About this website:

This blog and website was researched, written, developed and designed by Yours Truly, Janit Calvo. It consists of 98% original content created by me. (I’m saving 2% just in case I forgot about something.) Any errors and omissions are completely unintentional. However, I have been known to make a mistake – or two – before. :o)

Please be gentle in your comments and criticism. It takes a lot of courage to “put it out there” every week for years and years. Kindness matters. Civility matters.

Thank you for reading. I hope this Mini Garden Guru blog helps you enjoy the world’s best hobby, gardening in miniature.

<~ This photo of me, Janit Calvo, with the shovel coming out of my head is from a demonstration I did a couple of years ago at a garden show here in Seattle. :o)

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