Follow the yellow brick road. It was made from real miniature bricks, primed and painted for this project.

Miniature Garden Theme Focus – The Wizard of Oz

Now that the holidays are upon us, it’s time for our holiday favorites! The Wizard of Oz, while having nothing to do with Christmas, has become an American Christmas staple, evoking fond memories of Dorothy, the Lion, This was a fun installation that I built in Seattle spring of in 2008. These photos are

I’ve put all the details on “un-packing” a theme to convert your idea to a miniature garden is covered in our Miniature Garden Society website where I’ve used this Wizard of Oz garden as an example.

All the plants were carefully chosen to create the individual scenes as the movie progresses down the parking strip. The garden is about 8′ wide by 20′ long. These are just a couple of the photos we took fall of that same year.

We missed documenting the growth after this year unfortunately. In retrospect, I would have insisted we take out all the spring bulbs (painful!) and those two very diseased cherry trees (you can only see the trunks in the photos.) They just shed leaves all year long and sent out suckers throughout the spring and summer months. Apparently another gal took it over and the plants were moved into the backyard. I’m not sure if the miniature garden is still alive and/or still together.

This was the start of the movie but it doesn’t show the brick spiral I made for it! You can only see Dorothy’s shoes in Munchkinland so far – albeit over-sized (- they were the client’s pick.) There were more colorful accessories decorating the perimeter to honor the Lollipop Guild.
The Tinman’s axe… We had a spot for the scarecrow and the lion too.
Back to Kansas at the end of the parking strip! Carefully trimmed ground covers depict a bird’s eye view of the farmer’s fields. The Emerald City was just to the right of that tree in the top, right corner.

With the wealth of different kinds of plants available, coupled with the variety of miniatures, I think it’s safe to say that just about any theme can be worked into a miniature garden. So, what theme are you going to make?

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