Fairy House made from a Juniper stump

Fairy House (by Yours Truly) made from a Juniper stump.

Product Review: Ebook: How to Make a Fairy Garden

The new ebook, How to Make a Fairy Garden, has been available for about a month now. I thought it was about time to review it – to see what was up.

And I was very disappointed.

I would have loved to give this a raving review, and promote it as something that we can all use, but unfortunately, in my opinion, I cannot. I do my best to maintain honesty and integrity with my customers – and it is my personal philosophy as well – and there is no reason why I should stop now.

The author, Nicole Brooks, must think us simpletons.

If we all took the stance to create only good, worthwhile material, to share only new ideas and new, or different ways of thinking – I believe it would make the Internet a happier place.

To just reiterate what’s already out there, and use content without permission, or proper credit to the author, is just wrong on so many levels.

This ebook doesn’t add anything to the conversation at all – in fact it takes away time, attention, energy and creates a void that cannot be filled again. Not good in this day and age where all three are in great demand and are irreplaceable.

And it’s only because it is my responsibility as owner of Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center that I feel I have to share my professional opinion and do this – to warn my readers and fellow miniature gardeners that it is a waste of time, money and energy.

Otherwise, I would let her go on her merry way.

But the author, Nicole Brooks, from Melbourne, Australia, has obviously created this ebook not because she’s a die-hard fairy gardener armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience behind her, but because she enjoys passive income – as stated on her Twitter account.

She is motivated by money. We are motivated by creativity and gardening. A chasm, indeed.

So I sit here and grapple with the decision on whether or not to post a scathing review of her entire ebook package with a “value” of $302 but sells for $19.95….

What would you do?

Do you want to read the review?

I look forward to hearing from you. Your responses will tell me if you’d like the rest of the review posted or not.

Website is here.
Online store is here.

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