A "Blue" Miniature Garden - Putting Color into Your Mini World.

A "blue" miniature garden for full sun.


Color plays a big role in bringing your miniature gardening to life! That’s because the garden is viewed all at once. The sections are more refined, having that instant enchantment that is the magic of miniature gardening. In a life-sized garden, the eye only views one section of the garden at a time.

When planting a mini garden in a pot, consider the plant colors, the pot and the mini-patio during the design stage. This will give your creation a distinctive character and will add a magical touch, setting it apart from an average mini garden.

The key is to match, compliment or contrast your:

  1. POT: When working outdoors, if there isn’t an on-going palette of pot colors to draw from, pull in different colors from the area where the pot will be placed. Incorporate the colors of the house trim, the patio furniture or cushions, the deck or the stonework of the house. The same applies indoors.
  2. MAIN TREES & SHRUBS: Consider the light requirements for shade or sun. Pick the anchor tree according to the color of the pot. Garden centers now have some great new colors of containers: red, purple or that bright pumpkin orange that can easily clash, or look drab, when matched with the wrong shade of green. A great example is the blue-green of the Miniature Juniper matched with a blue container for a monochromatic look.
  3. MINIATURE BEDDING PLANTS: Ground covers easily fall into place once the trees are in. Remember to match or contrast the green of the ground covers with the green of the tree.
  4. STEM, TRUNK, BUDS OR FLOWER COLOR: It will be a glorious setting when a particular plant flowers two months from now.
  5. MINIATURE PATIO MATERIAL: Choosing the right color, shape, and texture will create one cohesive color scheme.

In the example, a Miniature Juniper in a blue pot, is paired with a Wooley Thyme and Capo Blanco Sedum. The silver-blue-greens of each plant compliment each other. The Sedum breaks up the fine foliage of both the tree and the thyme, and adds a little pink to the mix. The blue tiled patio cinches up this “Blue Miniature Garden” nicely.

It’s all in the details when creating a magical miniature garden!

Have fun!


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