Miniature Garden Workshop

Pat, Joy, Janet and Mary-Alice from the NPA, having fun at the Miniature Garden Workshop held here in Seattle this week.

Don’t Wait for the Seasons to Have a Reason

So, it’s late July and you’re a gardener. The vegetable garden is doing well, the flowers are blooming and looking wonderful, the weeding is done. You’ve filled all the spots in the garden bed that you can and there is not much room for anything else. Beside, who plants in July anyway?

What to do?

You still want to plant? You still want to play? Still want to grow something else?

“I didn’t think I would have this much fun.”

Those are the words of a hard-core gardener after taking a miniature garden workshop.

“Now I have another idea for a bigger one.”

Mary-Alice can now add “miniature gardener” to her bag of gardening tricks.

The women in the workshop were from the Northwest Perennial Alliance. Most of them arrived with a variety of ground covers and a pot to start with. All of them added a miniature or dwarf tree to their idea and choose a couple of accessories to polish it off. All left delighted with what they created and had plans to make more for gifts or just for fun.

Check out the variety of mini gardens that came out of the class:

Miniature gardening is an expression of you more-so than your life sized garden as you can create with any atmosphere or theme that comes to mind. The second one down on the right is Janet’s Yellow Mountain – her response to a missed trip to China. Recreated in miniature, she can visit Yellow Mountain anytime she likes.

Miniature gardening can fill a void that life-sized gardening can’t. Not only is it extremely creative, it can be done by anyone, anywhere at anytime. You don’t have to wait for the seasons to have a reason, you just need to create.

And who knows, you might like it.

Find out more about mini gardening here.
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