Miniature Gardens

Miniature Garden Kits are the one of the only ways to fast-forward the mini garden learning curve. With all the thinking done for you, you have all the fun putting it together in less than a couple of hours.

I’ve been creating miniature gardens for over ten years, some

Goldcrest Cypress Miniature Garden Kit
Goldcrest Cypress Miniature Garden Kit for Indoors comes with an adorable wood garden bench

of them are now eight years old and are still doing very well. You can have a miniature garden that doesn’t need constant repotting, that can grow and weave itself together for years and become an old friend that is there when you need a little garden getaway.

Here are the top 10 reasons to try a miniature garden kit – fun to get and fun to give:

1. All the hard-to-find ingredients are all in one package so you can get right to it. All you need is a pot and some potting soil. Design ideas are included in the instructions.

2. Everything is coordinated for you, the plants, the patio material and the accessories. It even comes with pot color recommendations to make the decision making process quick and easy.

Shady Hemlock Miniature Garden Kit

3. Can be done in a couple of hours. It’s easy once you have everything in front of you!

4. All plants are matched for you. No thinking required. Just match the location of the completed mini garden to the plant’s needs, shade plants in shade, indoor for indoors, for example.

5. You’ll learn how to put a miniature garden together that can last for years. After it is completed, you’ll know how to make bigger or smaller ones too! (Think hostess and holiday gifts.)

6. Miniature garden kits are a great gift to give, to get, or to make for that special someone that is always so hard to buy for.

7. You can add your own personal touch to really make it special. Add something of your own, a birdbath, garden gnome or a personal joke if you’re giving it to a friend.

8. You can break up the bigger, three-plant-kits to make two smaller ones if you

Full Sun Juniper Miniature Garden Kit
Juniper Miniature Garden Kit for full sun.

like. Any combination will make a cute mini garden.

9. There is always more than enough Mini Patio Mix included in the kit, so you can make more!

10. Guaranteed: You will impress your friends and amaze your family with your ingenuity and creativity.

Here’s a checklist to put together your own miniature garden kit if you have the time to do the research and collect the materials yourself:

– 1 to 2 true miniature or slow-growing dwarf trees or shrubs
– 1 to 3 small-leafed, slow-growing ground covers
– Miniature Patio Material, stone, tile, marble, pebbles
– Mini Patio Mix Kit to create a no-muss-no-fuss patio that won’t wash away
– 1 to 3 miniature garden accessories of the same scale
– Pot
– Potting soil
– Gloves
– Water

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