Two Green Thumbs NWFGS display, 2010
The joy of a professional photographer, Michael Walmsley did a great job capturing what I was doing.

I just received a few pictures of last year’s display for the Northwest Flower and Garden Show this afternoon. With the big move last spring, I put the delivery off and then proceeded to completely forget about them. Friend and organizer, Cyle Eldred, must have found them and sent them on to me.

The pictures are just wonderful! I need to share! They really show what I had in mind too.

The photographs were taken by Michael Walmsley, of Michael Walmsley Photography, here in Bellevue, Wa. Once again, I am reminded of the beauty of professional photography.

The display was called ‘A Garden Without Borders’ which had a double meaning. There were no containers used in this display at all – and it was a container garden exhibit but don’t tell anybody. ;o) Plus, there were a number of different items collected from my fellow miniature gardeners throughout the world too: Canada, England, Israel and Africa too.

Two Green Thumbs NWFGS display, 2010
The place setting. A wee terrarium and a mini planting stands in for the condiments. The wine is replaced by moss for more fun.

Everything was designed into a dining room theme and the display was made up of 100% recycled material. The only things we had to buy were the business cards!

Two Green Thumbs NWFGS display, 2010
I love that little veggie garden. It’s made from tiny rooted cuttings and baby Sempervivums (Hen and Chicks).

To see more of my display work, come by the Skybridge at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show later this month or stay tuned to this blog to see what we’ve got cooking.

I’m also doing a demonstration on the Saturday afternoon at 3:30pm on How to Garden in Miniature. Come on by and say hi!

To see the wonderful items in the only Miniature Garden Center in the world ;o) go here.

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