Mini Gardening with Mom
Pemberley and her Mom, Dawn, had a great time designing and creating two very unique miniature gardens. Like us, no two are alike, each miniature garden turns out different!

Well, what a treat that was!

Mini Gardening with Mom
Dawn’s pot was the most unusual. The eye-shape proved to make a really cute miniature scene. There’s a teenie-tiny paw print in the round mini-mini patio on the right.

My Mom was 3000 miles away this past Mother’s Day so I wasn’t able to spend any quality time with her. But I got the next best thing and what fun we had! Three Mom/daughter teams showed up for a miniature garden class on Sunday morning prepared with garden gloves and pots, ready to be filled up with a bunch of creativity.

Here are some pictures and comments from the fabulous day:

“Great time! Got to play in the dirt with tiny plants, accessories with tiny garden items, and spend time with my daughter. ;o) And the pie was heavenly!” – Dawn R., Silverdale, Wa

Dawn’s pot is for indoors because that’s where she will remember to water it. ;o) It is made up of a Variegated Boxwood, Golden Baby Tears and Miniature Sweet Flag. Dawn hand-laid in the tiny stones along the pathway and the “locked it in” with the Mini Patio Mix. This garden should be able to stay together for several years with some maintenance (thinning) with the Baby Tears maybe once a year.

Mini Gardening with Mom
Pemberley wanted a path going through the garden bed starting from the patio. It was a bit complex for a first garden but she pulled it off like a champ and it turned out absolultely fabulous!

“This was such a lovely way to spend Mom’s Day! Janit & Steve, I greatly appreciate your expertise and delight in miniature gardening! Thank you for your warm welcome and help in assembling a garden of my own! I can’t wait to make another! :-D” – Pemberley, Des Moines, Wa

In Pemberley’s garden, the taller yellow shrub on the left is a Golden Torch Barberry, in the back right is a Green Carpet Juniper. The “bedding plants” on the left are miniature daisies and Sedum acre on the right for a garden for full sun. This should be able to stay together for about 3 years. Pemberley is doting gardener, so there was no worry about it drying out – that unglazed terracotta pot that can wick the moisture out of the soil.

Miniature Gardening with Mom
Pam (left) and Kim teamed up to make a really sweet miniature garden scene for full sun.

“Janit and Steve, Thanks for the fabulous workshop on Mother’s Day! It was a great way to get started with miniature gardening and I’m sure the first of many gardens to come!” – Kim and Pam P., Seattle, Wa

Pam and Kim chose an Hinoki cypress for their tree and matched it with the Dwarf Mondo Grass and Miniature Daisies. Pam is a gardener so watering was not an issue for this full sun garden ~ she’ll place the garden so the tree shelters the Dwarf Mondo Grass to give it more shade than the other two plants.

Miniature Gardening with Mom
Super-Sweet! The final touch was the wee strawberry pot with a Sedum cutting.

The picture doesn’t seem to do it enough justice. The colors of the patio really were really “matchy-matchy” ;o) and the browns and beiges really worked well with the rustic brown pot. Little accents, like a “boulder” in the garden bed just adds to the realism. The bench cinches the scale.

Miniature Gardening with Mom
Kari and her Mom, Linda, with Kari’s big pot. The colors were carefully co-ordinated and worked really well with the pot that she brought.

“As a Mother’s Day gift, spending the afternoon with Janit & Steve creating a miniature garden-scape along with my daughter, Kari and various new friends was a special treat unlike any Mother’s Day so far. The three Mother/daughter couples let the creative juices flow!!! The second pot is now in the planning stages in our heads. Thank you two for such a special day, along with the food and pie.” – Linda A., Seattle, Wa

Miniature Gardening with Mom
Kari’s miniature garden is designed to go into her rooftop garden at her condo building in West Seattle.

The peach colored stones are really rich with color when you see it in real-life. Kari was careful in choosing the colors and it paid off – it’s just fabulous. The Pixie Dwarf Spruce anchors the back of the bed and is flanked by a Pusch Norway Spruce on the right – the purple buds matched the color scheme! Sedum stonecrop (the ground cover one), Wooley Thyme and Miniature Daisies make up the wee garden bed.

Miniature Gardening with Mom
‘s Feng Shui Miniature Garden. All the elements, including the shape of the rocks, were carefully chosen to represent different aspects of the Feng Shui practice. She made it one-handed too! ;o)

Linda wanted to make her miniature garden very Feng Shui. The loose rock on the path with the tiny Buddha underneath the Deodora Prostrate Cedar really helped with the theme. Elfin Thyme spread throughout will eventually cover the ground. It’s a small pot but Linda changes her Feng Shui colors each year to get the best energy around her, so she’ll be re-potting it next spring.

What a great job all ’round! Thank you all for the wonderful day and we will look forward to keeping in touch!

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Mini Gardening with Mom
The rhubard/mixed berry pie was a huge hit. My Mom gave me the tiny garden themed cookie cutters a couple of  years ago that were just perfect for the occasion.
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