Bronze Miniature Garden Chair
Metallic colors work well in the garden. It’s the metallic sheen that contrast with the garden textures that makes it work so well.

How to Insert Charm into Your Miniature Garden, Part I


There is nuthin’ like two bustling online stores, a miniature garden class, a big open house, getting a book ready for publishing, an email account meltdown, a huge-secret-squirrel project and preparation for a big display garden, to put one behind the eight ball.

As I sprint out of my own way and come up for air, I realized that my blogging has been lacking.

What was that? You thought I didn’t have anything new to say?

Ce n’est pas possible! ;o)

Gardening in miniature is enjoyable on so many different levels because it joins two very popular and rich hobbies, crafting and gardening, into one delightful pastime. Each and every element of the miniature garden is just as rich and deep in subject matter as the next. You could explore every nuance of this new hobby for years: the trees, the “bedding plants,” the accessories, the different ways to make miniature patios plus the countless styles, sizes and shapes that a mini garden can be, equal endless fun and creativity.

But, you already knew that, right?

So, now that the miniature garden trend has taken root, it’s time to bring on the charm.

We have all seen that white metal garden furniture in the miniature garden by now. It is getting quite popular actually. But how often do you see white metal garden furniture in a full-size garden these days?

Not too much, eh?

The purpled-blue periwinkle shines even on gray days here in Seattle.
The purpled-blue periwinkle shines even on gray days here in Seattle.

So, we’ve come up with different colored accessories that will lift your miniature garden up to the next level, and make you look like a pro. Let’s go through them and figure out why they work so you can bring some charm to your miniature garden.

This bright periwinkle blue patio set is refreshing to the eye and looks bright all the time, even in shade or on an overcast day. Unlike a plain baby blue color, the periwinkle has a tiny bit of red in it to turn the blue into the very slight purpled-blue that it is. It is this tiny addition of red that makes this color work well against the green foliage in the garden bed. In this example, the periwinkle suits the furniture set because the curly-cues and the intricate patterns of the style of furniture are just as playful as the periwinkle blue. Did I say fun yet?

Little red Miniature Garden chair adds charm.
Little red Miniature Garden chair adds charm and the color sings against the green foliage.

Any shade of red is ideal for the garden because red and green are “opposite colors.”  Purple/yellow and blue/orange are natural opposites as well. This pairing of colors were not created by anyone, but come from how our eyes naturally see color and adjust to it. A wee spot of red on the miniature patio can really catch the eye of anyone who walks by it. (Red is also the most attractive color to us humans, because it is the color of our blood and blood is life.)

Mellow yellow is also bright and cheerful!
Mellow yellow is also bright and cheerful!

I don’t think there is a more cheerful color than yellow! A bright, sunshine yellow perfectly matches any garden while standing out nicely against the green foliage. Yellow in any shade is always a refreshing treat. Bright colors attract the eye and “bring the color forward,” dark colors recede into the background. Next time you are at an art gallery, note how the painters use the color to create depth in the painting.

Green is a very fun color and of course, our favorite here a Two Green Thumbs. Just think of the different personalities that the various green shades can bring to a miniature

Olive green is fun for any size of garden.
Olive green is fun for any size of garden.

garden setting. Hunter green is formal and conservative. Olive green is modern and cheerful. This olive green furniture set would not be as darling painted dark brown or white.

This wee faux aluminum patio set adds modern elegance to the miniature garden.
This wee faux aluminum patio set adds modern elegance to the miniature garden.

Metallic colors, like copper, gold, bronze or silver, look clever than ever in the garden these days and the color can fit in just about any style of garden too. We can have our riches in different ways! The sheen of the metallic colors can really make the miniature garden accessories zing. Copper is a favorite because it is a shade of red and red stands out against the garden greens.

Now go on and add some charm to your miniature garden – or your full-sized garden for that matter. It’ll make you smile!

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