White Pygmy Cypress
White Pygmy Cypress have charming cream colored tips. Shear it every winter to keep this happening. Without shearing, it’ll turn to a drab celery green color.

The spring order arrived early for the Northwest Flower and Garden Show! We have some exciting new additions to our Miniature and dwarf conifer line. Here’s a sneak peek ~ most of them are now up in the store now. The rest will be up mid-February.

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Fernspray Gold Hinoki Cypress
Fernspray Gold Hinoki Cypress in its winter blush. Underneath the amber foliage is a wonderful live green. It’s really quite charming.
A brand new, true miniature Hinoki cypress – yet to be named, it’s called ‘E1 Evaluator’ for now. I wonder if I can call it ‘Janit’… ;o)
Miniature Garden Trees
Some of the Miniature and Dwarf Mugo Pines are hardy to -50F and can withstand the harshest of winters – and tolerate dry, full sun conditions in the summertime when they are established in the garden bed.
Miniature Garden Trees
The pink Moonfrost Canada Hemlock is flanked by the Snow Sprite Cedar. Perfect eye candy for the conifer lover.
Miniature Garden Trees
The new Chirimen Hinoki Cypress continues to be a favorite for the miniature garden with its whimsical shape. Note its winter blush. Amber tips that merge into the grey-green foliage further down on the trunk creating a stunning color combination – only from Ma Nature.
Miniature Garden Trees
Photo-Op – the colorful spires of the Chirimen Hinoki Cypress against the neutral colored soil and box makes an unusual sight.
Miniature Garden Trees
The new Jersey Jewel Japanese Holly has oval shaped leaves and appears more columnar in shape than it’s sister, the Dwarf Pagoda. I’m looking forward to growing this one.
Miniature Garden Trees
Dwarf Spruces, Junipers, Cotoneasters and the Gold n’ Rubies Spirea.
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