Miniature Garden Contest
Shannon V. of New Mexico was the winner of last year’s competition with her clever herringbone patio and to-scale plantings.

ARCHIVES – It’s contest time!

We usually try to aim for July/August with this contest but because the summer weather here in the States has been extreme for most, we’ve put it off starting the contest for a few weeks, and we’re extending the deadline to the end of October, to give you ample time to get a miniature garden together.

We’ve changed it up a bit from last year’s contest and last year’s Halloween contest. The main criteria is that is a “Two Green Thumbs’ Miniature Garden” meaning, the majority of the plants and accessories used in your submission need to be from our online store, OR a Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center product that you found at your local garden center** (See below!) We really want to see how you use our items! And since we are so close the holidays by the time ends, we’ve included two other categories, one for Halloween, and one for Christmas. ;o)

So join us and our over 7500 fellow miniature gardeners, we’ll be using our Two Green
Thumbs’ Facebook page where you can upload your photos easily for all to see!

Don’t do Facebook but want to submit an entry?

What You Can Win

~> The winners will receive a $50 Gift Certificate* for our online store.

~> ALL entries will get a 20% discount coupon to use on your next order!

The Contest Categories:

  1. Best Miniature Garden in a Container
  2. Best Miniature Garden in Ground
  3. Best Halloween Miniature Garden*
  4. Best Christmas or Winter Holiday Miniature Garden*
  5. People’s Choice Award (via Facebook)

*Halloween and Holiday decor will be up in the online store by the end of this month!

**We need a minimum of five (5) different entrants per category is needed to compete. Each entrant can submit up to three photos.

Miniature Garden Contest
Laney from MI came in second place last year with her darling fairy garden. Fairies or not, we are sticklers for scale only because it makes it realistic – meaning it looks like a real garden literally shrunken down. Laney paid extra attention to matching the fairies with the 1″ scale accessories.

How to Enter NO LONGER AVAILABLE. We had too many people complaining when trying to enforce these very simple rules. We were called names when they tried to bully us on the Facebook page. It wasn’t fun so we stopped doing it unfortunately.

1. Make a miniature garden. ;o)

2. Take a photo of your miniature garden.

3. Post the photo on the Two Green Thumbs Facebook fanpage and title the photo: “Contest entry for Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center.” Here’s how:

  • – Click into the Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Facebook event page. (You have to log into Facebook first.)
  • – Click the Photo/Video link above the comment box to upload your photo.
  • – Find the photo on your computer and click/select it to upload.
  • – Type in the caption, “Contest entry for Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center.”
  • – If you have any questions or apprehensions about doing this…

4. Post the photo on your own facebook page, and title the photo: “Contest entry for Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center.”

The Contest Rules

1. There must be a majority of plants and accessories from Two Green Thumbs’ Miniature Garden Center’s online store used in the miniature garden submission. All entries will be verified.

2. Join our email list. Click this link and follow the prompts here.

3. Your miniature garden contest entry must be a living miniature garden. No artificial plants allowed.

4. Your miniature garden can be any size or any scale.

5. You can post up to three entries per person. Only one discount code per person will be issued.

6 All entrants will receive their 20% discount coupon on Saturday November 3rd via Facebook messaging, valid through December 31, 2012.

7. Contest Ends at 12 noon, Pacific Time, October 31st, 2012.

8. Winner will be announced on November 1st 2012 on the Facebook page and will be notified by phone & email. The winning gardens will be highlighted in November’s Mini Garden Gazette, our monthly newsletter.  Blogged about in The Mini Garden Guru blog and generally be the center of much merriment and hoopla.

9. The winners are not eligible for the entrant discount.

10. Shipping costs are not included in any of the discounts, offers or gift certificates offered here.

11. Winning and entry discounts cannot be combined with any other offer.


Miniature Garden Contest

Judging Criteria / Breakdown

Contest entries will be judged on the following criteria:

  • 25% – The type of plants used. (Whether they are true miniature or dwarfs instead of young perennial starts.)
  • 25% – The scale of all the components, accessories and plants, must match and be in scale with each other and the garden.
  • 25% – the miniature garden design, there are points for being cleverly creative!
  • 25% – The realistic miniature patio or pathway.

How it works: Each entry will be scored on a scale from 1 to 25, all four scores will add up the total score out of 100, the highest score wins.

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