Miniature Garden Cover Shoot
Oh the joys of living in Seattle! Thankfully our subject was waterproof. That’s Kate Baldwin up on the ladder, Patrick Barber, the creative director from Timber Press, in the purple coat and Yours Truly in the ugly brown sweater. ;o)

The Mini Garden Guru Blog: Back in the Saddle

Holy absence of blogging Batman!

Between our furnace breaking down and a huge flood in the studio the week before a major photo reshoot for “the book,” it’s no wonder I didn’t have any quiet space to write a blog in the last couple of weeks. Ugh. I need a clone. Sometimes, there aren’t enough days in the week even if I work the weekends! Needless to say, the blog ideas still pile up in my head.

Here are some photos of our big reshoot at the studio last Friday – I thought you might enjoy seeing a little behind the scenes. We had to do a couple of the projects shots over and we worked out the cover photograph for my new book from Timber Press, Gardening in Miniature: Create Your Own Tiny Living World, due out July 2013.

Look forward to some new Christmas ideas, new gift ideas and a whole lotta cuteness to share – I’m getting it together.  Join our mailing list for the inside scoop, tips and insight into this wonderfully enjoyable hobby. Can’t wait any longer – off to do more! ;o) – J.

Miniature Garden Photo Shoot
Reshooting the project sequences for The Book. Still tickled that I’m working with Timber Press, the world’s leading horticultural publisher! La creme de la creme!
Miniature Garden Photo Shoot
Towards the end of the day, we had to take cover on our lanai and shoot outwards towards our very dormant garden. Thank goodness we only needed close-up shots of the miniature garden pots! 

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