Mother's Day in the Miniature Garden
In keeping with our holiday series this year, here is a special garden to help celebrate your Mother’s Day.

This is the fifth installment of our A Year in the Miniature Garden and today we celebrate Mother’s Day – which, should be everyday – if it wasn’t for her, you wouldn’t be here, reading this blog about her. Wait. Did that come out right? ;o)

If you are just catching up to this series, we are having a blast decorating throughout the holidays this year. Keeping the miniature garden the same, and swapping out the decorations and accessories each month for fun. Here are the previous ones:

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Mother's Day in the Miniature Garden
A treat, refreshments and flowers, the perfect set-up for Mom!

I was looking for a way to simplify the decorations – and not to spend very much on them either. Then I remembered The Cutest How-To in the Whole Wide-World – miniature flower arranging!! Moms love flowers! So, I walked around the garden and picked any tiny flower I could, then walked around my neighbors garden (with permission, of course ;o) and picked up some small-leafed greenery too – conjuring my inner florist. Here’s what happened:

Mother's Day in the Miniature Garden
The tiny flowers with the white petals and pink centers are Variegated London Pride (Robertsoniana Saxifrage.) The ivory bell-flowers are Lily of the Valley (Convallaria magalis.) The variegated leafy branches are Little Heath Andromeda (Pieris japonica ‘Little Heath.’)

See the “vase?” It’s an old ceramic electrical insulator I had in my stash. I used a piece of duct tape to seal the bottom so it could hold water. The water stayed in for a couple of hours – long enough to enjoy!

Mother's Day in the Miniature Garden
The blue flowers are Grace Ward Lithodora (Lithodora diffusa ‘Grace Ward.’) White petal flowers are Dwarf London Pride (Saxifraga umbrosa ‘Primuloides.’)  The miniature yellow roses were donated by our friend Greg and we are trying to figure out the name.

As we covered in the previous blog on miniature flower arranging, the easiest way to arrange them is in your fingers. Once you have the wee flowers arranged in a bouquet, trim the stems and put them in in the vase. Your arrangement might fall out of place a bit, use a pair of round tweezers to face the flowers or to prop the stems up in the other foliage.

Mother's Day in the Miniature Garden
The “big” Johnny-Jump-Up Violet is the perfect focal point for this tiny arrangement. The Tricolor Violet is known by many different names and can get really invasive in some areas – but it is common wildflower and the butterflies love it apparently. The violet is accompanied by white Dwarf London Pride flowers (Saxifrage umbrosa ‘Primuloides,’) tips from the Tricolor Sedum (Sedum spurium ‘Tricolor’) and the green leafed filler is Boxleaf Euonymous (Euonymous japonicus ‘Microphyllus.’)

To all the Mom’s and Grandma’s out there:

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day in the Miniature Garden

The plants in the main garden, counterclockwise from the bottom, front:
– Hens and Chicks or Houseleeks (the red rosettes)
– Wooly Thyme
– Silver Mist Lily Turf (behind the flower vase)
– Blue Moon Sawara Cypress
– Miniature Juniper – the ‘Compressa’ Juniper’ (behind the sign)
– Cape Blanco Sedum (at the base of the sign)

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