Halloween in the Miniature Garden
You can do more than decorate for Halloween in the Miniature Garden, you can tell a story.

It’s just a little scary out there! It must time for ghosts, goblins and pumpkin soufflé!

So, in keeping with the season and our series, “A Year in the Miniature Garden,” here is your Halloween Miniature Garden in the same pot as the other themes. (And yes, we missed August. Doh! Don’t ask how I did that because I don’t know.)

Halloween in the Miniature Garden
We custom-painted the orange furniture set. The pumpkins are from many years of use, we refreshed them with a mottled coat of paint and blackened the face so they will show up better in the garden.

We couldn’t resist placing one of our new dogs eyeing the bones on the table in the first set-up. It triggers the start of a story in the viewer’s head – will the dog get the bone? What’s stopping him? Leave the questions unanswered for the best most smiles – it makes a great conversation piece too.

Keepin' it real in the miniature garden with TwoGreenThumbs.com


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