Miniature Gardening and the World Cup
Adapting different themes to your miniature garden is a fun challenge.

Well, it happened. Yesterday, I found myself on the couch, yelling at the TV at 10:45 in the morning. Germany was just playing around with the ball, our team needed to score and the time was tick-tick-ticking away. I jumped up, “Would somebody JUST GET THE BALL!?!?” Wait. What was that that just came out of my mouth? Hey, at least I wasn’t drinking beer for breakfast.

Miniature Gardening and the World Cup
The accessories you use can deliver a mood as well as a story. The cluttered table full of food and drink is typical as every game is at least 90 minutes with one long commercial break in the middle. There’s no time for chores really, just sit back, enjoy the party and root for your favorite team.

The World Cup is hard to miss these days, as the competition heats up and the best teams weave their way through a seemingly endless schedule of matches. I’m beginning to understand why soccer fans are so passionate about ‘football’ – as they say outside North America. To see a player get the ball close to the goal on such a huge field, when they do score, it is a rare feat of agility, speed, strength, perseverance and luck. Maybe they should make the nets a bit bigger, eh? And, to be a player in the World Cup, with the whole world watching… no pressure guys, really, pretend we aren’t there. Lol!

Miniature Gardening and the World Cup
Make sure you have a viable source to listen or watch the game to make it believable. The “bowl of chips” are dried sweet pepper seeds. Click to enlarge this photo.

I was an outside spectator of major league sports for years, always wondering what the fascination was with chasing a ball around and around the field, getting hurt, slammed or tackled. But, getting lured into Seahawk fever earlier this year, and now the World Cup, I’m finally realizing what professional sports means: it gives you a chance to escape the everyday and have as much fun as you want.

Wait-a-minute. That’s what we do too. Lol!

Miniature Gardening and the World Cup
Some of the flags came from a toothpick flag set found at party store. Others were made from images from the internet, printed and glued onto toothpicks.
Miniature Gardening and the World Cup
Photo bombed by my dog. Lol!

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