July 4th in the Miniature Garden
Here’s a quick and easy diy for a flag-banner for your July 4th Miniature Garden.

Happy Fourth of July in the Miniature Garden

After renovating this pretty miniature garden a couple of weeks ago, I was drawn to it again for a Fourth of July theme. I couldn’t resist the blue pot as the perfect base, and that Jacqueline Hillier Elm was the perfect place to hang my USA banner on. Happy Fourth Fellow Miniature Gardeners!

July 4th in the Miniature Garden
Rather than buy new accessories for a special occasion, collect the accessories that you already have that are the appropriate color. Or, you can paint, refreshen or update an worn accessory with the theme color – just keep the color palette simple so you can use the accessory after the holiday and it won’t look like it is a leftover or afterthought.

Find what trees we have in stock today here. Check back often, our plant inventory is always changing.

Find the doghouse here.

July 4th in the Miniature Garden
Make your own USA banner from our instant download here. You can cut it out in different shapes. The PDF has all three sizes scaled-down for your convenience. More tips and insight come with the download.
July 4th in the Miniature Garden
Collect marbles for an added splash of the red, white and blue. Floral wire shaped with a pair of round-nosed pliers are handy to have in your toolbox. The Made-in-the-USA birdhouse suits the theme perfectly.
July 4th in the Miniature Garden
A drainage hole was drilled in the bottom of this wheelbarrow before it was planted. Even though it’s a miniature, it would still fill up with water or rain and rot the roots of the plants, if the water didn’t have anywhere to go. 

Find the wheelbarrow here.

Find realistic accessories for your miniature garden here.

July 4th in the Miniature Garden
Experiment with different leaves to see what works. The miniature Calla Lily leaves mimic water lilies and the Saxifrage looks like mini water lettuce (Pistia) – I’m missing a zing of color though.

Find the green stone sheet here.

Find the Mini Patio Mix here.

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July 4th in the Miniature Garden
See our July 4th selection up in The Miniature Garden Center and click the photo above.

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