Janit & Steve Calvo with their 1/6 scale miniature garden
This is Steve and I in front of our 1/6 scale (GI Joe/Barbie size) miniature garden that we created last summer (2015.) Steve loves this scale because his hands are too big for the smaller sizes. Me? I’m a sucker for anything miniature! Lol!

An Open Letter for Miniature Gardeners & Fairy Gardeners: A Heart to Heart

UPDATED: A new year always brings reflection and renewal. After much thought, discussion and building a Barbie sized miniature garden, Steve and I have decided to make some changes to how we connect with you, our dear and fellow miniature gardeners.

We would like to introduce the new Miniature Garden Society, it will be a private and safe website and club where everyone can go to connect, grow and create.

Our main reason for this change is to grow our passion, share more ways to create and to have fun. As an original content creator, I enjoy coming up with new and unusual ideas around our passion of gardening in miniature. I love fitting a bit of whimsy into my everyday life to brighten my day, lift my spirits and make myself giggle.

For the last 18 years, we have been casting a wide net and promoting the idea of miniature gardening throughout the world so everyone is aware that it exists – a mission that is now almost accomplished – so it’s time to dig in and grow the hobby itself.

Everything miniature garden will be included!
I’ve collected information, photos, insight, how-tos and much, much more over the years that I need to get to you, our fellow Miniature Gardeners! The Miniature Garden Society is perfect for fairy gardening too, one of the bonuses is all about fairy gardening.

From the feedback and questions from the first book that we’ve been receiving over the last year I know you want

to go deeper into miniature gardening too. So, how much info and how many ideas have I collected? If you’re familiar with the Gardening in Miniature book (250 pages,) I have about twice as much material and I can easily fill two more books. I’m very eager to share it all with you but have grown tired of the people that ruthlessly rob and scrape my ideas to get them made in China. I’d rather share them directly with you, our customer and fellow miniature gardener. 

Our online stores are very fun and we are still going to keep them open. We’ve met thousands of great people through them, and we wouldn’t be here without our fellow miniature gardeners. But now that the hobby has made into the mainstream, we’re finding that we can’t grow as much as we would like if we only did the online retailing.

By forming this community, you can have more direct contact with us, and we with you, and we both will have a safe place to do it where others can benefit from the ideas and answers as well. Forums, chats, photo albums, databases, libraries, and much more, will all be there to share and learn from one another. All we need is a beginning and this is it.

Join us! Early-Bird Special Sign-ups is on now!

It’s a place to put all our information so you can access it
easily, whenever you need to.
Join us for the Miniature Garden Society here.

Everything miniature garden will be included!
The Miniature Garden Society member-only website will be a place to put all the miniature plant details and growing info too.

If you are new to the email list, you can find out just how creative we’ve been with this new hobby by scrolling through our Mini Garden Guru blog, checking out or main website, or looking us up on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter

Since 2008, we’ve be publishing almost-weekly blogs highlighting fun and different ways to enjoy this new hobby, sharing first-hand experience growing the right kind of plants, what accessories work well, why they work and much, much more.

If you are familiar with our work here at Two Green Thumbs, then you’ll know just how creative we can be with our sustainable and fun ideas – and the ideas never seem to stop either. 

So please join us! For way more information and to find out what is inside this special website, please visit the Miniature Garden Society.

Our new logo for the Miniature Garden Society
Our new logo for the Miniature Garden Society
There's a little garden in all of us.
Miniature Gardening with Janit Calvo

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