Miniature Garden, Why Do I Love Thee?

Ahhh, love is in the air! I like to approach Valentine’s Day as a time to appreciate all the people you love and all things you love to do. Taking a wider approach to the day makes more sense so everyone can experience and appreciate love in its many forms – not just from one person. The world can definitely use a lot more love these days so won’t you join me in spreading it around? Somebody call Hallmark, we have some changes to make. Lol!

But, why do we love miniature gardening so much? Why are we so enamored with a hobby that causes our voices to go up a few notches, often to the point of squealing, it keeps us awake at night as we scroll through the possibilities bouncing around in our brains, and it maintains a constant mess on the workbench as we work through our ideas?

It is because the two interests, gardening and miniatures, are inherent in our human history for as long as we walked on this earth. In fact, it is beyond calling them simply “interests,” as they are necessary to who we are and what we do. We garden to eat and we use miniatures to learn and communicate.

The garden part is obvious, but the miniatures? As children we played with all kinds of miniatures that mimic us, our fantasies and our lifestyle, like Lego and Barbie. As adults, we use them in our art to communicate, in sculpture and film for example. We use miniatures to worship. And we use them in our work to model bigger projects, as an architect creates a model of the building before the ground is broken. Miniatures could very well be the biggest little industry on earth.

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Resistance is Futile

So, if you simply love the idea of gardening in miniature and haven’t begun yet, here is your call to arms. You just need to decide on the spot where you want to enjoy your miniature garden, (Indoor, outdoor, in a pot or in the ground?) Define the light that the spot gets, (Direct light, indirect, full sun, part sun or shade?) Then you can start finding the right plants for the right place and begin designing your miniature world.

Here is a blog post with more How to Start a Miniature Garden.

Here is the best book ever (for real, we’ve bought every other book to compare) on Gardening in Miniature here. Includes plant lists, scale information and 8 step-by-step projects.

And don’t worry if it’s not perfect! As with anything, it takes a bit of practice but, really, who’s looking? It is your very own world to do with what you like, when you like and how you like. So begin. Grow your own world.

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Valentine's Day in the Miniature Garden
See our Valentine’s Day in the Miniature Garden post – click the picture!

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