The Turkish version of Gardening in Miniature! Yay!

Miniature Gardening is Growing Roots Worldwide

I do believe the appropriate terms is, “AWESOME SAUCE!!”


Yeah, a surprise from my publisher arrived earlier this week: the Turkish version of Gardening in Miniature!

Thank you, Timber Press!

It was just a couple of weeks ago that we learned of a Korean version in the works. ;o)

‘Mama spricht kein Deutsch’ is German for ‘Mom Doesn’t Speak German

And a funny thing happened the other day. My Mom was trying to order a couple of copies of the German edition of the book from Amazon.de website and, no, she doesn’t speak or read a word of German. (How she was able to navigate the site is beyond me but I was reminded of where I get my tenacity from. Lol!) So, we ended up with a few extra copies of Gardening in Miniature in German now available here in the USA!!

We have the German edition up in our online store here

German edition of Gardening in Miniature
Gardening in Miniature – now available in up in our Two Green Thumbs’ Store
The Korean edition is now available through Amazon here.

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