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Ah, summah! It is my favorite time of year. Things slow down a bit, there is still lots of daylight left to enjoy the evenings and the warm weather makes easier living, no worries about being cold and wet. How is that for optimism as we are in the middle of the driest season ever in Seattle history? [Insert a glass of water here.] Thankfully you can always make a miniature garden anywhere and anytime!

So this week, while I slow down a bit and catch up on some writing, I thought to check-in with a few fellow garden bloggers that I hang out with on Facebook to see if they were gardening small – and they are! Yay!

Let the Round Up Begin!

~> Stephanie, over at The Garden Therapy blog reminded me of a guest blog I did for them on how to make a miniature patio for your garden.

~> Barb from the Our Fairfield Home & Garden blog is loving the fairy garden idea with a DIY Horseshoe Fairy Door Project, A Fire Pit Fairy Garden, Making Fairies from Natural Materials and How To Make Fairies for Free. But wait. There’s more. Here is her Rustic Cottage Getaway in a Terrarium.

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~> Pam of The House of Hawthornes (it sounds so regal!) creates a Fairy Garden with a Circus Theme here and check out her complete tutorial on How to Make a Terrarium.

~> Melissa, The Empress of Dirt, (more royalty!) has a very popular and very cute blog on How to Make a Suitcase Fairy Garden.

~> Lynne from the Sensible Gardening blog made a fairy garden in a pan here.

~> It looks like Shelley from the Slow and Dipity blog had a ton of fun creating several mini gardens for her fairies.

~> And, the season is approaching: Halloween! Both of these gals are up in beautiful British Columbia. See Stephanie’s (Garden Therapy) Miniature Graveyard here and Kristin’s Halloween-Themed Miniature Garden from That Bloomin’ Garden blog. 

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Thank you for reading! Happy Summah!

Miniature Gardening with Janit Calvo
It's a Miniature Garden and Fairy Garden Roundup on the Mini Garden Guru Blog!

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