Happy New Year from the Miniature Garden

A belated Happy New Year from your Miniature Garden Center!

A few days before Christmas I realized I wasn’t getting anything done. I was completely drained, couldn’t sleep and couldn’t get anything finished. I couldn’t even make a bow for a present much less write a blog. Oh, wait. I did write the blog but the technology gods deleted it once it was finally ready to post after working on it for five days. That was fun. Not. I tried baking presents like I do every year – that was really interesting. Lol! Needless to say our resident crows love us now. :o)

So, I realized after a full year of working on three major projects that my cupeth was empty.

So, I quit.

For a week and half.

And I filled my cup back up. I cleaned up my personal studio and got some of my abstract painting (full-size) ideas out, some started and some finished. (!) I cleaned up my garden when I could. (Damn you Jack Frost! I needed to garden!) I cleaned up the Two Green Thumbs studio too, put Christmas away and got Valentine’s out. And, went on long walks, played with my dog, Kitty and slept. It was luxury.

I’m back now. Ready to kick these projects home!

Happy New Year and thank you for following my wee blog. I can’t wait to share these projects with you!

And, Your Miniature Garden Center is OPEN all year long for your miniature garden pleasure! Our plants are in stock and there are some great little trees in the store – as usual! All plant info, zones, watering and care info are in each listing. Check out our plant department here and you can shop by your zone or you light.

Miniature Gardening with Janit Calvo

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