Spring / Easter in the Miniature Garden
Happy Spring!

This is a continuation of our super-fun holiday series where we are keeping the same miniature garden, but switching out the accessories to match the occasion or holiday. Find the previous ones here:

Valentine’s Day in the Miniature Garden

St. Patrick’s Day in the Miniature Garden

And, would you like to see us celebrate an occasion or holiday that is close to your heart? We’ve got the “regular” occasions on our radar, but let us know if there is anything special you would like to see us explore for you. We love a good challenge! Leave your suggestion in the comments below.

Spring / Easter in the Miniature Garden
I could not find my Fimo polymer clay stash (Crisis! ;o) so I had to use some eggs I made a few years ago that were a combination of browns, dark purples and golds.
Spring / Easter in the Miniature Garden
I had a few extra bunnies left over so I painted them brighter colors that complemented the duller egg colors. I needed to liven up the scene!
Mini Garden Easter
I used double-sided tape on a scrap block of wood to keep the wee bunnies in place while I painted them. I could pick up the block of wood and turn it around to get to all sides of each bunny.
Miniature Gardening with Janit Calvo
Spring / Easter in the Miniature Garden
I was grateful the egg and bunny color worked with the blue pot and blue-green plants. That cedar deck is stained with acrylic paint to look older than it is.

The plants in this container, counterclockwise from the bottom:
Hens and Chicks
Woolly Thyme
Silver Mist Lily Turf
Blue Moon Sawara Cypress
Miniature Juniper – ‘Compressa’ works too. ~>  Find them here. Note that all plants are not available at all times.

Spring / Easter in the Miniature Garden
Now onto the next holiday!

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