Fairy Fantasy Trees from TwoGreenThumbs.com
“If you like it then you’d better put a swing on it.” These trees have me singing Beyonce all week. Lol!

I love it when a plan comes together. Check out how cute these fairy swings are floating in the breeze on these perfect miniature fairy garden trees! You can hang a swing from them right away – no waiting for the plants to grow up!

Peruse our little photo essay on how we made these fun swings and how you can make one too. When I used two wires to hold up the swing, I couldn’t get it to hang right, so I switched to one wire instead. Now that the second wire goes to nowhere, I think it’s quite fae….!!

Fairy Fantasy Trees from TwoGreenThumbs.com
DIY fairy swings are too fun to make! Every one turns out different – just like miniature fairy gardens. You don’t need much materials to make one, just a couple of choice pieces, wire, a glue gun and some moss.
Fairy Fantasy Trees from TwoGreenThumbs.com
It started with a piece of scrap wood, I rounded the edges and drilled the holes for the wire. I wasn’t too precise – it’s supposed to look like a fairy made it!
Fairy Fantasy Trees from TwoGreenThumbs.com
The heavier wire is softened by tendrils of thinner wire to make it lighter and airier – or more fairy like.
Fairy Fantasy Trees from TwoGreenThumbs.com
I tried hanging it by two wires but it was too stiff. I found I have better luck with hanging it by one wire, and now it swings in the breeze. I kind of like how the other wire goes off into nowhere – it’s magical!!

Some Fairy Tree Ideas

Cotoneasters are great miniature garden trees for containers or to plant it in the ground but note that the can be really invasive if left unchecked. When growing this in-ground, “shovel-prune” the roots each spring and in early summer by cutting the roots with your shovel about 8″ to 10″ all the way around the base of the plant to sever any unwanted runners. Don’t be shy about this – this plant can handle it.

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In containers, the Cotoneaster don’t seem to mind being root bound but, after a few years, tip the tree out of the pot and trim/cut/shovel-cut the roots by a third, replace the soil with fresh potting soil and you’ll be set for another few years.

If you do get one of the “S” Cotoneasters, keep the “S” in shape by timing any wayward branches off whenever you see them – or you can let it revert back to its natural shape that will grow prostrate, or sideways along the ground. Don’t be afraid to prune it either, again, it can handle it.

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Fairy Fantasy Trees from TwoGreenThumbs.com
Pretty little flowers on the Cotoneaster each spring. They turn to bright red berries (inedible) that last through the winter.
Fairy Fantasy Trees from TwoGreenThumbs.com
The Twisty Mugo Pine made the perfect tree for twiggy fairy swing.

This Twisty Mugo Pine is perfect for any fairy garden. Mugos are drought tolerant, great in containers or in the ground, they love full sun, they can handle the heat and they are hardy to -40F! (Brrrr!) Snip or pinch any new growth along the trunk to maintain its shape.

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More Fairy Tips:

Fairy Fantasy Trees from TwoGreenThumbs.com
For the seat of this fairy swing, I found a half-piece of driftwood log. I drilled it on either side for the wires to go through before decorating it.
Fairy Fantasy Trees from TwoGreenThumbs.com
You can see how I hid the wire with the reindeer moss and another twig. I cheated and used hot-glue for this project because the swing will sit “in the air” it, so theoretically, should last out in the elements for a while.
Fairy Fantasy Trees from TwoGreenThumbs.com
DIY fairy swings – betcha you can’t make only one of them! Lol!

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