Miniature Cinderblock Gardening with
This tub is usually reserved for our halloween garden but it offered a big space to demo some ideas for today instead. We replaced the cemetery with the deck and walk-way and installed a veggie garden and compost area. Whew! ;o)

No, we can’t leave well-enough alone. We have to dabble, play, test and play some more – it’s all for YOU! Okay, it’s for me too, you know I love this stuff! (Now before you think, “Must be nice!” This part of the job makes up for all the hair-pulling, hard drive-crashing, software conflicting, techno-glitches of working in the online world. Seriously!)

ICYMI following this blog for the last few weeks, we had fun with a Miniature Cinderblock Planter and Hand-Built Garden Furniture in [Modern!] Miniature. This week, we played around with the new cinderblock and came up with a few more fun and easy ideas that you can build in your own miniature gardens. Check it out. Click the photos to enlarge them:

Miniature Cinderblock Gardening with
I tried putting sedum cuttings in all the cinderblock-holes as well but that cluttered up the intent of the vegetable garden. The “Keep it Simple Silly!” KISS rule applies in miniature as well.

Find the miniature cinderblocks here,

Miniature Cinderblock Gardening with
Stacked cinderblocks in a curved shape to accommodate the compost pile. The holes in the top cinderblocks were a perfect spot to keep the garden tools safe. The “compost” is from the garden bed. Way fun.

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Keep Calm and Make a Miniature Garden
Miniature Cinderblock Gardening with
The miniature cinderblocks worked perfectly with our micro-pebbles! The size and the coloring was just right. We had to work the pebbles in between the blocks a bit so no one will break their ankle on the path. ;o) That deck is made in the USA too.

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Miniature Cinderblock Gardening with
Peekaboo. Lift the cedar deck up on cinderblocks – and just show the top of the cinderblock. This is one of those realistic details that only adds to the fun.
Miniature Gardening: Go Ahead, Act Your Shoesize
Miniature Cinderblock Gardening with
Our Miniature Palette Garden is doing well. It’s been planted for about a month now, with no problems. It gets watered along with the rest of the miniature garden with the over-head water wand (we have a drainage hole in the bottom of the tub.) The trunks of the trees have thickened up over the years and are maturing nicely.
Miniature Cinderblock Gardening with
The big containers makes room for little vignettes. The different plants in the understory have been left to weave together naturally over the years. This garden is perfect for sun, but since it is in a metal container, I move it into the part sun for the summer so the soil can stay evenly damp.
Miniature Cinderblock Gardening with
Our dog Kitty is my favorite photo bomber. She’s just a little nosy!

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