~ Ah! The Big Day is almost upon us! I can feel my tension mounting as my “Oh, I want to do that too!” list keeps growing and growing. If you’re like me, sometimes it takes a while to get my momentum up to “turn full-on ELF” and then, all of a sudden, I become Santa’s right-hand woman. Imma baking, making, creating and decorating! Hear me Ho-Ho-Ho! Lol!

SO, do I need to say it?

As a general rule when one is a miniature gardener, we use any occasion as another reason to make a miniature garden! AND the holidays are the PERFECT time to share your miniature garden hobby! A wee world made by you is a wonderful gift for just about anyone that you need a gift for! Really!

  • You know a garden in miniature can be 4″ wide or 24″ wide
  • It can be indoors or outdoors
  • You can make just about any kind of theme

Cue: Inspiration

So, here is a video packed with a bunch of miniature garden ideas to help you through the holidays because you KNOW how much fun it is to decorate your miniature garden or fairy garden as well as your full-sized world.

I set the video to some very pretty piano music to help conjure the magic of Christmas. The video is only a minute and a half long but it’s FULL of ideas. Please like and share it!

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