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~ Happy, happy Spring! You just can’t beat the first smell of spring in the air, can you? Here in Seattle, one day it’s sunny and warm, the next day is cold and rainy. Needless to say, it’s that time of year when I schedule my work around the weather. Hey, if you can’t beat Ma Nature, join her! Here are some more tips on how to get started with Spring, regardless of the weather.

On the Spring To-Do List

We’re patiently waiting for it to stop raining so the soil can dry out so we can get busy knowing that if the soil is churned when it is wet, it will damage the microcosms and air pockets – both important to the plant’s well-being. Hang-tight if you’re having the same weather that we are here in Seattle.

Here’s a quick list of the 9 Spring To-Dos in the Miniature Garden for Containers

Still Waiting for Spring?

Here is a blog post to get you started despite the weather. Miniature Gardeners don’t need a reason or a season to start gardening! Waiting for Spring in the Miniature Garden.

Celebrating Easter?

And here is an Easter garden that was part of our “Year in the Miniature Garden” Series a couple of years ago. See it here.

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