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~ Are you ready for something completely different?

Welcome to our latest blog series to introduce you to how we do things differently with this wonderful hobby of Gardening in Miniature.

First and Foremost:

  • We are not sponsored by anyone so we can be completely honest with you.
  • We are not paid to promote anyone else’s plants or products to trick you into buying something that won’t last in the miniature garden.
  • We ARE here for your success with this wonderful hobby because if YOU are a successful miniature gardener EVERYBODY around you wins – because you spread love when you are doing something you love! 

Now THAT is completely different in itself!

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But that’s not the only thing we are doing that is different.

Welcome to our series on how we do just about everything our own way because we have had the amazing opportunity to rebuild this hobby from scratch. But we didn’t just pick up this topic just because it needed updating and saw an untapped market, we founded this hobby because we are in love with gardening and with miniatures. We love crafting and building and growing and everything to do with miniature gardening – just like you. 

This is an excerpt from our latest bestselling book, Gardening in Miniature Prop Shop: Handmade Projects for Your Tiny Living World on how we garden – differently:

There is no other pastime as diverse, adaptable and accessible as gardening in miniature. It is a collection of a number of other hobbies merged into a single, incredibly creative one. And it appears that we’ve taken the best and easiest aspects of these leisure pursuits, and left the hardest parts of them behind.

We don’t break our backs gardening and landscaping, we use spoons for shovels, forks for rakes and find ways to grow slow and small.

We play with plants and with the garden. We casually build small hills and dales in the soil; we effortlessly carve riverbeds and move around property boundaries according to whim.

We think and dream of different ways to plant and repurpose tiny plots morning, noon and night.

We begin a brand-new garden design from scratch with every new pot we pick up, or every garden bed that we till, something full-size gardeners simply cannot do.

– Janit

Now, are YOU ready for something completely different?

Check out the Miniature Garden Society where we are building, growing, sharing and connecting with other like-minded miniature gardeners from all over the world – ONLY at

And dare to be different too!

Continue to Part 2 here.


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