I’ve done a fair number of themed miniature gardens over the last 17 years of my full-time study of this wonderful new hobby of gardening in miniature for this blog and for the Prop Shop book, but the Hanukkah miniature garden still remains a bit elusive to me. While I completely respect the lack of decorations for this very special occasion because it’s a very nice change from almost any other occasion (- no pressure!) I tend to fall back on the traditional blue and silver decorations and end up using them as we do Christmas decorations! 

The only reason I can think of for why I do it this way, rather than use the fall-back excuse that I grew up with Christmas, is because all my miniature gardens have a tree in them – so I decorate it! Lol! 

You might recognize our “Cover Girl” from our first Gardening in Miniature book. It’s an Elf Dwarf Alberta Spruce tree that we’ve had for many years now. 

Happy Hanukkah from Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center! 

Wishing you a warm peaceful Hanukkah everyone! 

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