~ While sipping tea at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show the other week, friend and fellow Timber Press author, Jenny Rose Carrey, showed me photos of her living room and kitchen.

I must say I was envious.

The entire family took over these two rooms to create and make their entry for the Miniature Settings Exhibit at the Philadelphia Flower Show this year. The kitchen counters were covered and the coffee tables were full of crafty bits and naturals and miniatures and glue guns – and everyone had a huge smile on their face.

Apparently, no one was allowed to vacuum for weeks for fear of losing a miniature in the process.

It was a miniature gardener’s dream.

If I’m not mistaken, I do believe that Meade started this adventure and it was fun to learn that her siblings, Janet and David jumped on board. Jenny (Mom) did the flower arrangements & cross-stitch and Gus (Dad) made the pair of bellows for the fireplace. The youngest daughter Emily made the tiny hedgehog in the garden. David made the hearth rug on a loom made out of cardboard and used thread. You can see JRR Tolkien’s initials woven into rug in front of the fireplace. But take a look at the rest of the handmade home and accessories – talk about impressive!

And check it out, they won second place!

I’ve included the plant list in the gallery of images for anyone that wants more information. You’ll find this exhibit and a few more like it at the Philadelphia Flower Show this year. If you go, send me photos!

Hobbit – Escape to Bag End by the Northview Crew

**All photos are by Jenny Rose Carrey – Thank you, Jenny! <3

Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center

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