St. Patrick's Day in the Miniature Garden
St. Patrick’s Day in the Miniature Garden: We’re having fun using the same garden this year for every occasion that we can.

~ Hey it’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend! And it’s my Grandmother’s favorite “holiday!”

My grandmother, Nammie we called her, (her real name was Doris,) used to live with us in an apartment on the third floor. We didn’t quite know how lucky we were to have her around all the time – just dumb kids being kids, I guess. But in retrospect, we were lucky that we had that apartment for her so she could be a part of our growing-up and still live independently. (It’s now called the John Mackenzie House – but that’s another story.)

Nammie represented the Irish side of the family as my Dad’s side is Scottish with apparently a bit of “Northwestern Europe” thrown-in, (thanks!) So every St. Patrick’s Day, she would always leave us an Irish treat in the form of candy on our beds while we were out or at school.

So, in celebration of this very green occasion, here is a celebration of the day for your miniature garden pleasure and Happy St. Patrick’s Day from your friends at Two Green Thumbs!

St. Patrick’s Day in the Miniature Garden
With the help of some floral picks (the sign and the stars) we made this wee holiday work in the wee garden – only after collecting everything “green” we could find.
Miniature Gardening with Janit Calvo
St. Patrick’s Day in the Miniature Garden
We found that tiny antique garland at our local miniature show. The hat came from an old stash found at a rummage sale. We painted the bench green, it’s made of balsa wood and shouldn’t be left out in the weather because it will fall apart quickly.

“When Irish eyes are smiling, it’s like a morn in spring…”
From the song, Irish Lullaby

St. Patrick’s Day in the Miniature Garden
The world’s cutest St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes! You can find them all over the Internet these days, I found these at my local dollhouse miniature show. (Note that these tiny miniatures are not waterproof or weatherproof.)
Fairy Gardening with Two Green
St. Patrick’s Day in the Miniature Garden
Our new, trusty miniature cedar decks can be stained or painted. That’s an upside-down pot that we used for a table. Small hen and chicks are the red-tipped rosettes, the fuzzy, grey-green plant to the left and right of it is Wooly Thyme.
St. Patrick’s Day in the Miniature Garden
The grass on the left is Silver Mist Lily Turf, the bushy shrub is Blue Moon Sawara Cypress, the taller column is a Miniature Juniper. This combination is slow-growing, for a full-sun spot, moderate watering, we let the soil dry out to barely damp in between watering sessions to avoid over-watering.

Irish Tip: Avoid the green beer. Stick to Guinness.

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May the luck of the Irish be with you, always!
Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day
from your friends at Two Green Thumbs!

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