Ah, spring! It’s the smell of cherry blossoms in the air first thing in the morning. It’s the realization that you don’t need to put on a jacket anymore. You look around you and everything is budding and blooming. Yes! It’s finally here and it’s time to enjoy the April showers – and the April flowers.

And speaking of flowers, did you know that all our “miniature garden bedding plants” flower at some point during the spring or summer? Most of them only start to bloom in summer – and they’ll keep blooming for weeks and weeks too. And if you’re like me, you probably never met a flower you don’t like.

So here is just few of the miniature garden bedding plants, aka ground covers, that we have in our Miniature Garden Center online store that will keep your gardens blooming throughout the spring and summer.


And hey! Don’t be afraid to rotate these inexpensive plants in and out of your miniature garden or fairy garden throughout the summer! You’ll spend just as much on bouquet of flowers that last for less than a week.

Click the photos to see all the information, and more photos, up in the online store.

See what’s in stock today that flowers here – check back often, our inventory is always changing!

Flore Pleno Cranesbill has tiny double flowers that are in bloom now and will continue through to the summer. Click the photo for more info!

How to Encourage More Blooms

To encourage more blooms, gardeners “dead-head” or cut-off the almost spent blooms on the plant before the flower goes to seed. This tells the plant that it needs to put out more flowers because once that flower turns to seed the plant will think it has done its job and will stop producing flowers. Not every flowering plant should be deadheaded but our flowering ground covers for the miniature garden can be sheared, snipped or plucked, to keep them blooming for as long as the plant allows.

Pink Chintz Thyme is another ground cover thyme. Thyme usually blooms in midsummer but it’s in bloom right now. Shear the flowers to encourage a second bloom. Click the photo for more info!

See what’s in stock today that flowers here – check back often, our inventory is always changing!

Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center
You can create the illusion of flowers with the colorful foliage of Sedum Cuttings from TwoGreenThumbs.com. You can put the cuttings in wee pots, or plant them right in the miniature garden bed, either way, they’ll root. Sprinkle them with water whenever they are dry.
Bishop’s Form Cranesbill. Blooms all spring through to summer, and are just starting now. I love the leaves on this plant too – great foliage texture! Click the photo for more info!
Gardening in Miniature Prop Shop
Taking Gardening in Miniature to “a whole ‘nother level.’ :o)
Chocolate Chip Bugleweed blooms early spring. Can’t beat that name! Lol! Click the photo for more info.

Miniature Garden Trees & Shrubs R Us Too!

We have a TON of true miniature and dwarf trees and shrubs in stock too! See our New and Back in Stock Section here. Some trees are limited in availability.

Nifty Thrify Seathrift – Blooms spring through summer. The foliage is variegated too. Click the photo for more info!

More is On the Way!

We have more plants, trees and accessories coming in almost every week now that spring has sprung! So check our store often and early to get the best selection. We are America’s Favorite Miniature Garden Center store: TwoGreenThumbs.com

Blue Star Creeper blooms now through summer, it is a stepable plant too. Click the photo for more info!

See what’s in stock today that flowers here – check back often, our inventory is always changing!

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