Miniature Garden for Eastern Washington
This miniature garden lives in Grandview, Washington. The clients wanted a garden for part shade, hardy, asymmetrical and with a pond. They loved it!

The most powerful miniature garden images come from gardens that have been growing and weaving together for years. A lot of miniature gardens that you see ‘garden experts’ create online simply don’t adhere to the main garden principle: right plant, right place. They are too often treated as temporary arrangements that will outgrow or die within the season. If this sounds way too familiar, read on.

If you have been disappointed in the results of your miniature gardens, there are easy ways to hone your skills so you can experience a successful and happy mini garden that can last for years. But first, you may want to spend a bit of time deciding where to grow your garden, then choose right plants to suit that area. Here’s a link to our 101 Series for you to browse through, refresh your memory and see what tips and techniques you can add to your arsenal.

Miniature Garden
The pot was about 24″ in diameter and a lovely bowl-shape. I cut the miniature brick sheets with kitchen scissors and pieced it together before locking it in with our Mini Patio Mix – invented by miniature gardeners and exclusively available from our online store here.
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Working with the Seasons

One of the main questions is winter care, and this goes hand-in-hand with “right plant, right place.” Either you are planting a garden with cold-hardy plants that can stay outside all winter long OR you are using tender plants that can survive the indoor winter climate that you can move outside next summer. Only in the more temperate areas of the country – meaning the southern states – can you leave your tender plants outside for the winter months.

Here is a mini-directory of previous blog posts to help you get the right information you need in order to grow a successful miniature garden.

Miniature Garden Landscape Tip
Don’t forget, the simplest garden ideas work in miniature too. Anchor the back of the garden with a boulder or two and let the ground cover grow around it. “Boulders” add weight and age to any garden instantly.
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Winterizing Your Miniature or Fairy Gardens
About getting your in-ground gardens ready for the winter.

Keep Gardening This Winter with Indoor Miniature Gardens
Includes dish gardening and terrarium information.

For the Love of Conifers: The Winter’s Blush
Dwarf and mini conifers change with the seasons too.

Winterizing Your Miniature Garden And Containers
A few tips on winterizing your containers from central Ontario – the land of icy tundra!

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Miniature Garden Landscape Tip
Add a cute detail for the viewer to find when they get closer to the garden – then watch for the smiles and chuckles.

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