The Jacqueline Hillier Dwarf Elm is a great anchor tree for the miniature garden bed – you can easily plant under it as it gets older. That is a miniature Blue Planet Spruce in the back, left side. Sedum Angelina to the right and miniature daisies on the right. The pond is handmade – the best kind!

~ Do you want to save some time and money? 

Do you want to have a successful miniature garden next summer too?

Did you know you can have BOTH?

  • Fact: Fall is the best time to plant your garden bed.
  • Fact: You can save time and money next summer by planting your garden right now.
  • Fact: The success rate for getting trees established in the garden bed is far greater in the autumn months than any other time of year.

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This miniature garden was sold around 2003 and lives on the Oregon coast. The couple who sought us out and bought it for their sister in law still keeps in touch with us. Apparently it is still alive and thriving. A testament to our true miniature garden trees, plants and shrubs!

Fall Planting Perks

Many people think spring is the best time to plant an in-ground miniature garden, but fall actually has many definite advantages if not more so!

Fall planting is perfectly positioned in between the hot summer months and the cold winter season so anything you plant right now, will use this time to an advantage to get established in your garden bed.

How it works: Most of the extreme heat/weather is gone for the summer and evening temperatures are cooler, which lets the plants recuperate from the hot(ter) daytime temps. The rains are more frequent, (some areas have too much summer rain these days, I certainly acknowledge that,) which allows a thorough watering of the plant’s roots and surrounding soil AND the roots will continue to grow in temperatures 40° or above.

So even though the temperatures might feel cooler and colder to you, the plant does not mind at all and it’s still growing its roots, establishing itself in the garden bed. During this time between summer and winter, the root systems have a chance to grow and develop before going dormant in the winter.

Then when it wakes up in summer, it’s already home. And if you’re in a place where it doesn’t freeze, the roots will actually keep growing and establishing themselves to get ready for next spring.

It’s like magic – nature’s magic. And it can help you next year!

When spring comes back next year, the new root system can fully support and take advantage of the flush of new growth. When the leaves start to bud and grow, the stronger, advanced roots are now able to find water on their own. (But they will STILL need water in any dry month.)

You’ll save time because there is less maintenance to do, you’ll save money by lowering your water bill AND you will lose less plants because they are already well-on-their way to becoming established in your garden bed.

See all our true miniature and dwarf trees, shrubs and plants here, in America’s Favorite Miniature Garden Center, TwoGreenThumbs.com!

You can spend more time on creating and crafting the details of your miniature garden instead.

Stay tuned for more fun fall ideas and tips for your miniature gardening!

Blue-colored shadows underneath the Golden Sprite Hinoki Cypress that’s about 9″ tall now. Our true miniature and dwarf trees and shrubs grow up to look like a majestic tree – in miniature! Why do you think we keep using them in our gardens? Because they can stay in the small scale for years and years…

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