Dwarf and Miniature Conifer Tapestry

~ “Come on, Sweetie, let’s get going.”

My husband calls delicately, knowing that if the tone is wrong, he may lose me. It was as if he was talking me down from the ledge of the Space Needle.

“Come on, we don’t need anymore plants, you have enough.”

He was right. I do have plenty of plants but, I didn’t have that one.

Hi. My name is Janit, and I’m a plant-aholic.

I got my miniature tree order the other day from my grower down in Oregon. I occasionally and purposefully order plants that I don’t know – which is dangerous because I can’t advise my customers about how they grow up and what their individual needs are, until I grow them myself for awhile. (Insert subliminal plot here. ;o) UPDATE: Many years later, I CAN tell my customer how almost any tree that we offer for sale through our Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center store grows up.

But, really, I’m like that creature on Lord of the Rings. You remember Gollum? The sleezy, slimy, little guy that covets the ring throughout the series except my treasure isn’t a ring, it’s a plant. Lol!

“My precious, mmmyyyy preeeeecciiiioooouuuussssss. Eees MINE! MINE!! AAALLLL MINE!!”

I’m not alone though. When a new customer orders trees from me I always get an email or a phone call. What really surprises me is that THEY are actually surprised that the miniature trees are so nice! (Which always leads me to wonder what the other online nurseries are shipping if they aren’t shipping their best?? Cue: TwoGreenThumbs.com again!)

So, I thought to share the enthusiasm – and to illustrate to the husband that I’m not the only one with a penchant for miniature plants. Here are the latest phone messages I received last month – transcribed how they sound:

“Good mooorrrrnnning, this is message for Janit, this is Diane B______. I received the shipment of the miniature plants on Monday…. They are absolutely GORGEOUS! I love them. Thank you very, VERY much!!”

[Diane ordered: White Bud Mugo Pine, Gemstone Hinoki Cypress, Variegated English Boxwood, Verdoni Dwarf Hinoki and the White Pygmy Sawara Cypress – see what’s in stock today, our inventory always changes!]

“Janit! It’s Heather V____, I just got my plants, and – I have to tell you, I had to call ya – I couldn’t just send you an email. I am SO impressed and SO ecstatic with these little guys I mean they are AMAZING! I mean I am, I am just IN LOVE with them. Thank you SO much! I am going to take pictures once I get them in the ground. I probably won’t be able to get them in until tomorrow morning. So, I’ll take some pictures and I’ll email them to ya. I just had to call ya and tell you I love them, THEY ARE AWESOME!”

[Heather ordered: White Bud Mugo, Pusch Norway Spruce, Gemstone Hinoki Cypress and the Jamy Balsam Fir – see what’s in stock today, our inventory always changes!]

Did you catch that little stutter in there in the first sentence? That cracked me up completely! It sounds like she really couldn’t get the words out fast enough. Music to my ears!

So, I played these messages for my husband just so he knows… to keep it delicate when I’m approaching the plant section at just about any store. :o)

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