January’s Miniature Garden: “Rooting” for the Seahawks in more ways than one! :o)

~ Back in 2013, I did this same series using the same miniature garden but decorated it differently each month to show how versatile this new hobby can be. This year, I’ve been doing the same but only showing my subscribers to my Mini Garden Gazette newsletter. (Join us for your Mini Garden Gazette here.)

So, I thought to catch up on my blog posting as I’ve been lax lately, and share this first half-year’s themed-mini gardens for your infotainment and to inspire you to have more fun with your miniature garden too!

Most of the trees, plants and accessories are from our online store at TwoGreenThumbs.com. We are America’s oldest miniature garden center store since 2001, online since 2004.

The tree is a Lemon Cypress (aka Monteray Cypress,) with Dwarf London Pride Saxifrage (the green rosettes,) Blue Star Creeper (larger leaves on the right,) and Baby Tears on the left. The Baby Tears is the least hardy of all the plants, so that makes this mini garden hardy to  Zone 7 or 0F. All from TwoGreenThumbs.com.

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February’s Miniature Garden: A sweet Valentine’s Day scene.


March’s Miniature Garden: A St. Patrick’s Day garden – with a lil’ luck o’ the Irish!
April’s Miniature Garden: Earth Day is everyday here at TwoGreenThumbs.com!
May’s Miniature Garden: Happy Birthday in the Miniature Garden (It’s my birthday on May 30th, best put that in your calendar for next year! :o)
June’s Miniature Garden: Happy Father’s Day!

One more for June: The Gay Pride parades and festivities are missed by all this year!
An Easter Garden that didn’t get published. I still feel it’s lacking something – like a dog and I maybe I should have turned on the lights. Lol! I wasn’t completely happy with the cushions either, I need more practice making them!
Another set-up that didn’t get published because it turned out a bit plain looking – but still pretty. I think something on the table, like a small pot, a book or refreshments would have helped. That Daisy the Digging Dog at left is just a hoot!

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