Happy Fourth America! From your friends at America’s Favorite Miniature Garden Center Store: TwoGreenThumbs.com!

~ Continuing with our series for monthly-themed miniature gardens for July 4th and Canada Day. See the previous gardens here.

About this Miniature Garden: The tree is a Lemon Cypress (aka Monteray Cypress,) with Dwarf London Pride Saxifrage (rosettes,) Blue Star Creeper (larger leaves,) and Baby Tears. The Baby Tears is the least hardy, so that makes this garden hardy to  Zone 7. 

All from TwoGreenThumbs.com, America’s Favorite Miniature Garden Center, since 2001!

The chair from my second book, Gardening in Miniature Prop Shop Book, 37 Projects of Handmade Accessories for Your Tiny Living World, by Yours Truly. Those flowers are from the Blue Star Creeper. (Pratia pendunculata ‘County Park’)
A tiny gnome from my miniature collection just happened to be red, white and blue! Search your stash for anything that is the right color for your theme to add fun details! That rosette is from the Dwarf London Pride plant. (Saxifraga umbrosa var. ‘Primuloides’)
The miniature pallet is from MiniMaterials.com, our friends down in Florida. I stuffed reindeer moss in between the slats, held with some screen mesh on the backside before I stuck the Sedum Cuttings in. It would have been easier to us hot glue BUT the hot glue kinda makes it a one-off project and you can’t redo it once the Sedum Cuttings grow-out without compromising the pallet. It took a bit of fussing to get it right without the glue, and I will have to be very gentle with it until they root. The legs of the pallet are made from popsicle sticks.
A handmade USA windsock. I’m working on a printable for you! You’ll see the announcement in my weekly, FREE, Mini Garden Gazette newsletter (Sign-up here!) and/or on my social media channels – Instagram & Facebook.
I found this light-up necklace at my local drug store. You never know where you’ll find something for your miniature gardening, it’s a fun hobby that way. If you’re obsessed like me you are always on the look-out for ideas, materials and props for your gardening in miniature wherever you go.
The patio is made from our Gray Flagstone Sheet and built-into the pot with our Mini Patio Mix Kit that won’t wash away when you water the garden! That flag banner is from our online store, see it here. (I know this flag banner is backwards, the stars are supposed to be over the heart. I noticed it too late and thought, “Well, the country is a bit backwards right now too…!”)

OH! Canada!

Canada Day is July 1st and it’s similar to the Fourth, but with a little less fireworks. I started by gathering everything I have that was white and red. It came out fun and colorful! Find the Canada Flag Banner here.
A bead totem adds to the fun. I used floral wire and left about 3″ at the bottom so I could stake it in the mini garden bed. Find the fence, bench, birdbath and more up in our online store at TwoGreenThumbs.com
Having fun with painted stones. They come in really handy if you’re in need of more decor for a particular theme. They are great for personalizing a mini garden too. I spray-painted it white, then used Sharpie markers for the design. I sealed it with a Polyurethane matt sealant to help preserve the color. It’ll fade eventually, as all things do when left outside.
I painted the Adirondack last month to use in a Memorial Day miniature garden. It comes in a light-oak-color here. Red is a very fun color to have around as it can go with a number of other themes too: Valentines, Christmas, Birthday and more.
My miniature gardener friend, Lori, made the miniature cardinals.

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