A series of miniature garden thank-you gifts

~ Stardate Christmastime, 2010:

“The All Time Most Thoughtful and Incredibly Creative Gift of All Time!” Those are the words taken from straight from the thank you card.

I made a series of miniature gardens for my dog-walker friend, Janice, for thank you gifts for her clients. Not only did Janice keep one for herself, she is really, really worried about what to do next year for her client gifts…

…Because this year turned into a wildly successful season with the miniature gardens she handed out! The clients were amazed and impressed by the thoughtfulness of these unique gifts, which, I might add, can’t be bought – they must be made.

(And I’m serious. It’s up to me to find her client’s gifts for next year!)

A thank you note for a miniature garden gift.

This thank card was written by one of her favorite clients, a powerhouse couple here in Seattle. The woman owns a number of highly successful businesses while her husband is one of the top scientists in the nation. With a track record like that, you would think they would be hard to impress.

But they never saw a miniature garden before.

And all of them were personalized with miniature versions of their dogs, doghouses, dogbowls, leashes and mini rawhide bones. I have to admit they were gosh-darn cute!

And now Janice’s clients love her even more.

Miniature Garden with Doghouse.

YOU can amaze and impress your family and friends with a miniature garden too! With a little thought you can really personalize the mini world and get into their hearts like Janice did. It really is too much fun to not only give them OR to get one – but to make them too!

Because it gives you a chance to practice your hobby, sift through your ideas and shine the light on your talent and your ingenuity!

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