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In case you missed it, I just finished renovating this 16-year-old Mini Garden Guru blog over the last year and, boy, that was a feat. I think I would have preferred to paint my entire house, inside and out.  

Thankfully, the bulk of the work was done over the winter so I was able to hunker down and “git ‘er done.”  Plus, with the windows in my office closed, no one could hear me yelling to myself, “What was I thinkin’??” while I deleting those awkward blog posts, hoping that any archive is swept into the corner of the Internet.

But, in retrospect, the trip down memory lane forced me to think about a lot of things: Why do I love this hobby so much? What is it that captures my attention so much that I’m still doing this 20 years later? And, the question that I ask myself each and every day, what’s for dinner? :oD

Silliness aside, let’s dig-in to the questions a bit, shall we?

The broken-down Adirondack bench was an ideal prop for this renovation theme! The miniature-garden-in-a-miniature garden is a perfect spot for a pitcher of lemonade. The tree in the back is the Hebefolia Canada Hemlock, see it up in the store here. The Alpine Water Fern has grown together with the dwarf ornamental grass that I’m not able to find the name of again! See the Adirondack Bench here. (It took a couple of years for the above bench to weather. Keep it dry to prolong its life, or enjoy it as an authentic garden miniature, and let it age as all wood does when left outside.) See the Toad here. See the Tiny Metal Birdbath here.See the Green Cut Stone Patio Sheet here. See the Mini Patio Mix for patios that won’t wash away when you water, here.

I’ve always wanted to try a “balled and burlap” tree in miniature so when the opportunity come for a renovation-scene, I went for it. “B & B” trees are often seen in the garden landscape industry because the trees are grown in the ground and only dug-up when they are sold. I only did this for the photograph, then I planted the wee tree properly in the garden bed…

You Can Grow Your Own World, Your Own Way

Why do I love this hobby so much? I was going to say, because I love crafting AND gardening, but that’s not it entirely. I love crafting, gardening, miniatures and, most of all, creating my own thing in my own way.

This is probably why I don’t care much for boxed kits unless I want to learn about something quickly. Having the tools and materials assembled for you when you don’t know enough about the idea/technique/craft, dramatically shortens the learning curve and makes some craft-kits priceless.

With miniature gardening, you can slowly learn about the hobby year after year, and build-up your mini garden arsenal of techniques and know-how. You can build, change and adapt each season if you like to try different ideas out.

But if you get busy the only thing to make sure to do is to water your mini garden. Okay, and maybe spend a couple/few minutes every season pulling a weed or two, trimming back a wayward stem, sweeping the patio or “hosing-off” the patio furniture.

The garden cart is very helpful when cleaning up the garden. It saves you from lugging the stuff around the garden… :o) Too cute!
Find the miniature cart here.
Find the garden tools here.
Find the wee terra cotta pot here.

Explore The Endless Possibilities

I also love the variety that the miniature garden hobby offers. It’s pretty-much an endless assortment of variables that are yours to define if and when you choose to do so. On top of the many trees, plants, accessories, patio materials, themes and combinations that you can explore, the ways to enjoy the hobby are as equally plentiful:

If you don’t want to build that mini permanent-yet-removeable patio yet, you don’t have to AND you can STILL enjoy a garden in miniature.

If you only want to try a couple of ground covers (aka “miniature garden bedding plants”) because you’re not sure about a tree yet – you can STILL enjoy a garden in miniature with those plants, add a wee accessory and grow your own world.

For that matter, you don’t even need a pot to plant in to enjoy this hobby!

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Our May Day miniature garden from a couple of years ago was the perfect candidate for a renovation scene… 

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