Father's Day in the Miniature Garden
“Manly, yes, but I like it too.” So went the 1980s Irish Spring soap commercial. Thankfully, miniature gardens can be created for anyone and by anyone – including Dad. That’s a Compressa Juniper behind the lamppost with Sedums and Hens & Chick at the base. On the left, cascading down the side of the pot is Woolly Thyme. This was a miniature garden built for zone 5 and full sun.

Hey! Your Dad called, he wants a miniature garden made by YOU for Father’s Day!

Miniature gardening is becoming an increasingly valuable skill to have, especially when you can’t figure out what kind of gift to give to that hard-to-shop-for person in your life. You probably know that they won’t have a miniature garden – nor a miniature garden made by you! And, as I always, always, say: Giving miniature gardens as gifts gives you an opportunity to make ANOTHER miniature garden!

Growing Up Celebrating Dad

It was always a challenge to figure out what to get my Dad for any occasion. There were five of us kids too, so while the other siblings would try to out do each other, I usually fell back on the basics: a box of Turtles chocolates, or a box of Laura Secord chocolates or, when I was older, a bottle of Grand Marnier – and/or a box of Laura Secord or Turtle chocolates. I wasn’t as creative then as I am now – obviously. :o)

Father's Day in the Miniature Garden
Tompa Dwarf Spruce tree on the right with Ajuga and white thyme. This miniature garden was made around 2004-ish. This one we kept for years and years before needing repotting. Well, I thought it did. I found it really didn’t need repotting but it did need fresh soil.
Ad-Dad's Day 2016 - 1
Father's Day in the Miniature Garden
This miniature garden was created for a Father’s Day gift for a customer for indoors. Variegated boxwoods, dwarf mondo grass, corsican mint (we use baby tears now – it’s more reliable) and a couple of airplants, or Tillsandias, in the miniature urns. When Mom and daughter came to pick it up, the little girl added some squirrels and a bunny. She was sooooo excited to give it to her Dad, it was too cute.
Father's Day in the Miniature Garden
Give your Dad his very own private island. The upright Compressa Juniper, with the ever-faithful-and-so-easy-to-grow Mother Lode Juniper combined with small-leafed sedums create a perfect mini get-away for a full-sun spot. I cut out a piece of landscape cloth to put between the soil and sand to keep the beach intact for as long as possible. It lasted for a few years before needing redoing.

Thanks Dad!

What about my Dad, you ask? He’s the man behind my love of books, my work ethic, my eye for quality, my love of [almost] anything antique, my affinity for old houses and, most importantly, my love of gardening. Thanks, Dad! Happy Father’s Day!

And as they say in Trinidad, “Goat don’t make sheep.” My Dad is into spreading the joy of hobbies too. His publishing company’s website is here. He is now retired and the company is now based in Dorval, Quebec, Canada.

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Happy Father’s Day!

Father's Day in the Miniature Garden
This garden was part of our Year in the Miniature Garden Series where we are keeping the same garden, and dressing it up for different occasions where we can. Happy Father’s Day!
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