So, the Covid fairy finally found us before the Fourth and we lived to tell the tale. I must say, (and yes, you know I’m biased,) that the hobby of miniature gardening is pret-ty handy to have around if you’re stuck at home with a bunch of time on your hands. I mean, really, what other hobby is so adaptable to locations, moods, materials, tasks and your own creativity?

Hmmmm? :o)

Pretty in Pink. It seems that pink is just “all the rage” now with the new Barbie movie coming out. And here, again, we find ourselves ahead of the curve…. this miniature garden was planted about over 10 years ago and has gone through a few small changes – like any garden does in full-size and in miniature!

About that Covid Fairy

Steve and I had the two vaccinations plus one booster-shot and yet, the Covid Fairy still found us. I guess it thought we were feeling left out, maybe?? But our symptoms were mild so it was just the exhaustion that was, well, exhausting! I did find that I had the attention span of a gnat, and the strength of one too, so there wasn’t a whole-lot I could do save for – you-know-it – miniature gardening!

The simple act of playing in your miniature garden can lighten your mood, distract from your worries and keep you grounded with a wee dose of Ma Nature.

It really is the number of different ways to enjoy miniature gardening that make this hobby so fun. It’s adaptable to almost any location if you have a natural light source. It can be as big as you want – or as small as you want. You can explore an extensive number of different ways to craft and learn about working with different materials and techniques…

Oops! It looks like the garden bed needs some sorting out – what a chore!! :o) The wee art pole is one of our exclusive kits that you won’t find anywhere else. See more about it here.

How to Do Something While Doing Nothing

So, if you just want to putz with something in front of the boob-tube to keep your hands busy, there are always printable-projects to assemble, mini art poles to decorate or you can created something from polymer clay – all without getting up or having to stand.

If you want to sit outside, enjoy the weather while taking it easy, you can always trim a tree or two, clean up a wee patio, pull a weed or deadhead something. It really doesn’t take much effort to repot or replant the small trees and shrubs either.

If you just want to play in your miniature scenes, there’s that too.

If you want to learn more about this wonderful hobby, explore all the menus at the top of this blog.

If you just want to see the plants, parts, patios and pieces to make your own little world of your very own, visit America’s Favorite Miniature Garden Store here.

If you want to dig even deeper, join us and hundreds of other like-minded miniature gardens at the Miniature Garden Society – it’s where all the new information, insights, research and developments for the hobby is – assembled by a miniature gardener and an obsessive one at that.

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