I had to laugh when I saw this almost-ancient article at my local model train store. It was taped on to the front of the cash register; I guess I missed seeing it during my many visits to the store. I’ve never considered myself a “hobby dealer” before but I guess I can add that title to my list!

Model railroading doesn’t really overlap much with our beloved hobby of Gardening in Miniature but I still like to go and try to find something to buy to support them. Sometimes they have garden railroad items that I can use, but most-times not. A store like this will have your little terrarium people – “HO Scale” or “N Scale” for example – some of which always end up going home with me.

Anything in miniature, eh?! :o)

There was no date on it but it’s obviously from the 1950s. I love how the two men are posing, looking so earnest! Lol!
This one must be from the 1960s, judging from the sideburns on both of the men. Notice the same pose as the top article – the hobby dealer holding the train car and customer leaning-in. Lol!

And this article was taped along side the other, re-confirming that, indeed, the man behind the counter was, indeed, my best friend… whew! This is good to know.

Now, who is YOUR best friend? :o)

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