It is Independence Day in Ukraine today, so we thought to highlight our Miniature Peace Flag Campaign to help the relief effort for our fellow brothers and sisters in harm’s way. We know it’s not much, but we were inspired by the Dalai Lama quote:

“If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”

Celebrating Ukraine’s Independence Day in the Miniature Garden. Please help the relief effort however which way you can. A lot of people helping a little, can add up to a lot. All the sales for our Miniature Peace Flag printable go towards this effort.

Our Peace Flag Campaign

Hence, being the crafters that we are, we came up with a Miniature Peace Flag campaign in order to collect donations for the International Committee of Red Cross, that works in partnership with the Red Cross and other charities working inside the country providing relief.

And From Our Gazette Subscribers…

We’ve raised over $200 so far – thanks to our fellow Miniature Gardeners that subscribe to our Mini Garden Gazette. This includes a tremendous boost from Martine, a teacher over on the east coast who was inspired by our little campaign and arranged her own campaign with the help of her students.

Martine had a “little” help from her students making this chain of peace flags from our printable download.
And then Martine added her own campaign, packaging up sunflower seeds from her own garden, then donating those proceeds to our campaign.

You Can Help, a Little Adds up to a LOT

Want to help Ukraine’s relief effort this way? Check out our Miniature Peace Flag printable download for only $3.99 but you can buy more if you want to give more. (100% of the proceeds go to the cause.) Make your own miniature garden peace banner to add a “little peace” to your miniature garden or mini meditation garden. These tiny banners are also the perfect size to add to a wreath, door or cubicle decorations. Make one for a friend or with a friend. Great for kids too. 

Three Styles in One Printable!

There are THREE different styles of the peace flag within the file, each with a different feel. Martine chose the lighter, colorful flags to make it more fun for the kids. See it up in our online store here. We are America’s Favorite Miniature Garden Center store.

And to revel in the beautiful Ukraine culture and crafts, check this inspiring website out, call Authentic Ukraine.

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