Oh man! The heat! The dirt! The chores! Happy Labor Day? Who needs that?

We certainly don’t. And, by-golly, we don’t have to either. (Yes, I just wrote ‘by-golly.’ :o)

Now, we are going to wish you a Happy Labor Day from the miniature garden because a mini garden IS easier to maintain than you think. In fact, the way I see it, the only real labor that needs doing when installing an inground miniature garden, is clearing the bed and digging the odd one-foot-deep hole. The rest is creating and having fun while pulling the odd weed whenever you see it.

Easy peasy.

Stay tuned for more results from on-growing our research, insights, techniques and tips on inground miniature gardening from Yours Truly, the one that is just as obsessed as you are about this new hobby.

And, from what we can see right now, it’ll be of value to fairy gardeners and to railroad gardeners too.

Until then, have a Happy Lil’ Labor Day!

(Links take you to our Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center store.)

When gardening in miniature, remember to bend at the knuckles and move with the wrist so you don’t pull any muscles. That’s a Piccolo Balsam Fir (Abies balsamea) behind the wheelbarrow.
Sedum cuttings make fun little impromptu miniature plants for your wee pots. Always use a kneeler to protect your knees! Ice plant (Delosperma) in front of the “boulder” and Wooly Thyme to the right.
We’ve been developing this inground miniature garden since we moved here in 2010. We’ve spent the last 10 years learning what doesn’t work, and this spring and summer we’ve finally figured out what does work. Stay tuned. Behind the boulder is the Vilmorianna Cryptomeria, to the right of that is Hinoki Cypress, I think it might be the Gemstone variety.
See the Green Garden Boots here.
See the Mini Water Can here. (Other styles are available.)

I usually defer to Steve when having to schlep rocks of any sort, but anyone can do it in miniature! :o)
See the Granite Mini Garden Pebbles here.
See the Miniature Wheelbarrow here.
It’s the little things. Enjoying a finished project from our Gardening in Miniature Prop Shop book, in the Birthday chapter.
See that Rustic Picket Fence here.
Whew! Still so much to get done this weekend! :o)
See all our trees, shrubs, plants, accessories, books, kits and patio materials up in our online store here.

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