Tired of those silly election polls? It’s time for some relief here. Some escape. Some respite. So…

We’ve made our own poles.

And, the results are in: they are a LOT more fun to dote on. Really.

It’s kinda like one of our mottos, Grow Your Own World, but if you poll anyone on these poles, you’ll be sure to get a positive poll! And yeah, we do like fooling-around here on the Mini Garden Guru blog! In times like this, it’s important to remember the lighter side of life, eh?

Some things are fun “en masse” – which is a fancy way of saying “in a group.” To help, we have them in sets of three poles to get you started creating your very own mini garden art. The tree in the upper, right is the Hokkaido Elm. The rosettes in the garden bed is the John Creech Sedum surrounded by Blue Star Creeper (Pratia pendunculata.) All plants, furniture and patio materials are from TwoGreenThumbs.com.

The Polling Results are IN!

Our Miniature Garden Art Poles are yet another enjoy your miniature garden hobby AND, AS WELL AS, ALSO they can be enjoyed in any kind planter for that matter.

They are made from real cedar and staked on a metal rod to stay in place in your mini garden bed or planter. They can be customized to suit ANY occasion, holiday, interior or exterior color scheme or any theme you might think of!

You’ll only find these at our Two Green Thumbs’ store, btw.

Carefully-colored to be “matchy-matchy” – (a technical term :o) – just one Miniature Garden Art Pole can be as cute as can be! Click the pic to see more… The fern is the Alpine Water Fern (Alpine Water Fern – Blechnum penna-marina) All plants and accessories are from TwoGreenThumbs.com.

Different Sizes for Different Scales

Some call them art poles, others call them story sticks – we call them renewable fun. Our Miniature Garden Art Poles are available in two different sizes to suit different scales, but to also give you more “room” on the bigger sticks to have more fun if you do want to tell your story. See the thicker, peace/art poles, here, up in our online store.

Both sizes come in a kit of three poles that are available either primed in white, or plain wood, included with an ebook that is filled with tips, techniques and inspiration to get you the pole-ing results that you actually can appreciate and use. (See what I did there? Huh? Lol!)

Exclusively ours, these kits are one of the many custom products from our studio, and only from America’s favorite Miniature Garden Center: TwoGreenThumbs.com.

These miniature art poles can suit any theme, highlight any occasion, match any color scheme AND they are made by YOU – which makes them even more special! Shown above in a Valentine’s Day garden. The grass is Dwarf Mondo Grass, (Ophiopogon japonicus ‘Nana’,) the rosettes are Miniature London Pride (Saxifraga umbrosa var. ‘Primuloides’) All plants and accessories are from TwoGreenThumbs.com.
TWO different sizes are available: We have thicker ones too! The bigger art poles can be used a miniature peace poles or story sticks. Click the pic to see them up in the store, or click-in here. The tree in the back is an Elf Dwarf Spruce (Picea glauca ‘Elf’) and that flowered shrub is the Natalie Heather.

All miniature trees, plants, furniture and patio materials are from TwoGreenThumbs.com.

Available in primed or plain! We do advise priming them to get the brightest color.
Using your Sharpie markers, you can color and design-away to your heart’s content. Dig through your bead collection (or your sister’s bead collection,) and add a finial for more fun. You can seal them afterwards with a clear-coat of UV sealant. OR, as the color eventually fades in the sun, you can re-color them with a different design – or paint over them at any time! I told you they were fun to have around! :o)

The cover of the ebook that is included with every Miniature Garden Pole or Miniature Peace Pole kit.

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