21 Years of making the world a little better, one miniature garden at a time! I guess if anyone is asking how long it takes to establish a new hobby, I think we have found the answer. While it’s not everyday a new pastime emerges, you can still join us in spreading, educating and sharing this new way to grow and craft in your area, and be part of the hobby’s history!

As miniature gardeners, we are making the world a little better with each and every garden by giving people a way to connect with nature, learn to grow a garden, nurture individual creativity, and all-the-while adding a bit of fun and whimsy to an otherwise troubled world. What is there not to like?

One of our freshly renovated inground miniature garden scenes. All plants, patio materials and accessories are from TwoGreenThumbs.com

Whatever You Want to Call It, It’s Happening

You could call it a movement. I mean, by definition is it a “large informal group of individuals that focus on a specific issue.” After finding the hobby and bringing it to the forefront, we found there were many people already gardening in miniature – but it wasn’t “a thing” yet until this here Internet brought everything and everyone together.

By establishing “America’s Favorite Miniature Garden Center, Two Green Thumbs,” we created a place for folks to find what they needed to enjoy the hobby and create to their heart’s content. By publishing the Mini Garden Gazette for well over 16 years now, (starting in 2006, I think) we were able to keep people engaged and interested. And by establishing the Miniature Garden Society, we now have a clubhouse, so to speak, for anyone that loves the hobby and wants to do more with it.

You could call it a revolution. We made it a “successful attempt by a large group of people to change the current system” within the huge garden industry AND the miniature world.

We taught the gardeners how to use miniatures and we taught the miniaturists how to garden – all the while teaching the world how to combine these two very popular pastimes into one very satisfying and rewarding hobby that may cause giggling at any moment. It couldn’t have been done without the thousands of like-minded miniature gardeners like YOU, not only looking for solutions for their next wee world but looking for a way to enjoy gardening and miniatures at your own pace AND on your own level – at times literally. :o)

The tree on the very-left is a Jean Iseli Hemlock, coming in from the edge of the photo (see it better in the photo above.) The tiny shrub next to the brick pond is the Cumulus Sawara Cypress. To the right, in front of the cedar trellis is an adorable Primo Arborvitae. And the “tree” behind the birdhouse is the Elf Dwarf Spruce, trained into a wee tree. The grass in front is Dwarf Mondo Grass and beside that, to its left is White Thyme. The rosettes throughout the garden bed are Hens and Chicks. All plants, patio materials and accessories are from TwoGreenThumbs.com and note that not all plants or accessories are available at all times, the time to buy it is when you see it.

The Ultimate Worm’s Eye Birding! Stay to the end to see our latest addition to our bird friends. We’re smitten. <3

We’re Keeping the Dance Alive

Want to join the miniature garden revolution? Want to participate in the miniature garden movement that is changing garden and miniature history?

Still on the fence? Here’s a quick list of eight questions to ask yourself to find out if gardening in miniature is right for you:

  • Do you like gardening and growing plants?
  • Do you love miniatures?
  • Do you enjoy crafting of all kinds?
  • Do you relish being creative on your own terms?
  • Do you have patience working with small details?
  • Do you appreciate exploring at your own pace, in your own way, doing your own thing?
  • Do you delight in learning new skills and techniques?
  • Do you have a little room in your lifestyle to make time for yourself?

YES multiplied by 8?

If you answered a resounding YES! to all these questions, then miniature gardening is for you. Join us, we have a place for you right here.

If you answered YES! to most questions, we still think you’ll enjoy a little gardening in miniature!

If you’ve been kicking the idea around for years now and have been eager to try it, let me know what is holding you back? Email me at info @ TwoGreenThumbs.com (with no spaces,) or leave a comment below.

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Googly eyes are underrated. An authentic miniature log reindeer because we can. :o) All plants, patio materials and accessories are from TwoGreenThumbs.com. The patio is put together with Mini Patio Mix and our Pink Flagstone Sheet and yes, you can step on it.

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