We’ve written about them before a number of times. We’ve struggle to find ways to keep them out of our miniature worlds. We’ve scared them. We’ve watch them eating our birdseed. We’ve barked at them alongside the dog. We’ve clapped, yelled, chased and hissed… but alas. They are here to stay.

And it’s Squirrel Appreciation Day on Sunday. Wait. Wha….?

A Working Experiment

Along with developing our new in-ground garden that you see in the video, it’s a project specifically created for our Miniature Garden Society, we’ve been studying where the squirrels dig most – and where they don’t. There are three big takeaways:

  • they don’t disturb the miniature gardens that are planted like a garden – as opposed to the typical fairy garden where random plants planted sparingly, where the focus in on the houses and the fairy garden accessories.
  • our neighbors are no longer giving them peanuts so they don’t dig half as much as they used to. They still rummage around the mini garden beds, as you can see in the video, but they aren’t tearing up the garden anymore.
  • They don’t dig in the permanent mini patio, they can’t. Nor are they disturbing out pebble patio, but we made it solid. right. That is, it has the borders around it and it’s about 1″ deep.

If you can swing those two things, you’ll minimize the damage caused by Squirrelliza. You’ll see the miniature gardens that are working for us in the video above. Look for it on our YouTube Channel here.

Here’s another blog of ours that has some, ah-hem, preventative measures… :o)

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