Valentine's Day in the Miniature Garden
Valentine’s Day in the Miniature Garden can be loaded with decor – or kept really simple with one or two accent pieces.

How to Make Simple Valentine Decorations for Your Miniature Garden

Creating a miniature garden is so much fun because you can adapt it to any situation, any theme or any occasion – anytime!

However, another fun thing to do with this new hobby – and because Valentine’s Day gives you a perfect opportunity to do so – is to share them!

For instance, we know that miniature gardens make great gifts as they can easily deliver a personalized message sent straight from the heart, but who doesn’t like to experience one as well? You can see firsthand how the magic of miniature can put a smile on anyone’s face and, more often than not, you’ll get a giggle or three!

So, even if you’re not giving a miniature garden nor making one, you can still have a little crafty fun and decorate your lil’ garden for the occasion. It’ll impress your friends, neighbors and your family with your creativity and ingenuity!

An Adaptable Idea for Miniature Garden Decor

This Valentine’s Day, if you are short on decorations, a simple accent piece can still send a huge message. A red chair, an engraved heart or ‘hugs’ rock, or check out this simple how-to that will send sweet love to your Valentine from your miniature garden.

More importantly, you can adapt this idea for any occasion too: Check out your local craft store for the foam cutouts, or you can dissect / cut out shapes and icons from greeting cards, postcards or print them out on the computer. Use clear tape to coat any paper cutout so they will last awhile in the living miniature garden. If you don’t leave them in your gardens after celebrating and store them for next year, they’ll last for years AND you can build your arsenal of decorations for your future miniature decorating adventures.

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Don’t have a Valentine?

Then it’s a perfect excuse to treat yourself and do something YOU love! Because, really, you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you, so you’ve got to thank yourself for being there for you!! (Wait. What? Lol! I think you know what I mean… YOU deserve it! :o)

Gather your materials. Find cutout shapes for many occasions at your local craft store or online.

Quick and Simple DIY Valentine’s Day Decorations for Your Miniature Garden or Fairy Garden

I found the foam hearts at JoAnns Fabrics, as well as the wooden popsicle sticks. Check out the lollipop sticks for plastic options if you want the stake to last in the garden.

You’ll need:

  • One package of foam stickers, or any kind of small cutout
  • Wood popsicle sticks (or plastic lollipop sticks)
  • Paint color of your choice, if painting the stake.
  • Paintbrush
  • Glue

Paint the hearts if you don’t like the patterns with acrylic paints. Paint the wood stakes to match the color scheme of your occasion. In this example, we used a raw sienna color to make the look like stained wood. (Utrecht’s acrylic paint is a favorite of ours! Made in the US.)

Foam cutouts have an adhesive back-side – easy-peasy! Pair them up with the same color or use a different one on the backside for more variety.
Stick one of the heart cutouts on the ‘front’ of the stake and then flip it over to place another heart on the other side. It’ll stick it to the stake and the glue-side of the other heart cutout. You can see placed the stake about halfway-up the heart.

How Many Do You Need?

You’ll get a bunch of foam cutouts in one bag so you can make a LOT. But take a look through the photos of them shown in the miniature garden and you can see how I’ve used them. They look great in odd numbers when you mix up the colors and texture. Bigger shapes look great on longer stakes that you can use towards the back of the garden bed. If you’re having a party, you can give them out as plant-stake-party favors if you have extra.

If you miss aligning the front and back hearts, clean them up with scissors.
Easy Miniature Garden Valentine's Day Decorations
For the hollow-cutouts, place the stake as high as you can on the foam without it showing in the center of the cutout. You can get away with a shallow join with these – they are super sticky!
La voila! You are set to add some love to your miniature garden!

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See our Valentine's Day in the Miniature Garden post - click the picture!
The shrub on the left is the Blue Moon Sawara Cypress. The taller one to the right is the Compressa Juniper for a full-sun miniature garden that can tolerate the hot temps. The bowl is about 14″ across.

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