There have been a few major milestones in starting a brand new hobby that have kept me focused on establishing the wonderful pastime of gardening in miniature. And by, “starting a brand new hobby,” I mean, creating, inventing and innovating a hobby into existence, because Google doesn’t have any advice or insight on that. For reals. (You know you’re on to something new if you can’t find the answer on the Internet. Lol!)

So, in inventing a new hobby, I’ve kinda documented the journey goes along with it and today, I’m doing the happy-dance as yet, another major milestone has been reached. Let’s dig in.

Miniature Gardening at Sorticulture
This was the miniature garden that prompted the cover for our first Gardening in Miniature book. That great trunk belongs to the Elf Dwarf Alberta Spruce – a naturally slow-growing conifer. The true miniature and dwarf trees and shrubs are one of the cornerstones of the hobby.

Major Miniature Garden Milestones

The first major milestone was when I got a call from the USDA. My agent was very kind, and walked me through what I needed to do – and not do – because we ship plants to almost every state in the Union. (All online plant sellers should be registered with the USDA to protect our forests.)

Milestone #2 was when my first Gardening in Miniature book was published – and then the second book – were another two milestones. In 2013, Timber Press was looking for someone to write a book on the “trend.” I’m so glad one of my promotions found its way to one of the acquisition editors during their search, or they would have probably found another writer who was more experienced in “writing.” (Yes, unfortunately, a lot of publishers find the writer, then “make” the expert, unfortunately.)

There was the golden moment that my grower, a huge nursery that services the entire North America, FINALLY used “miniature gardening” in its catalog to promote the true dwarf and miniature trees and shrubs that we love to carry through our online Two Green Thumbs’ store. Finally! The “powers that be” called it miniature gardening! Now THAT only took over 20 years to do despite us selling thousands of little trees throughout the years… #goodgrief

And then there was the opportunity to register “National Miniature Garden Month.” I mean, officially register it, even though I decided to create it on my own. (What? You laugh? How do you think I got this far? :o) So, now it’s a thing! Yay!!

See the National Miniature Garden Month official page on the National Day Calendar website here.

Same miniature garden as above as shown on our first Gardening in Miniature book. After six printings, the big publishing company that ate Timber Press is no longer printing it. Grab a copy before it’s discontinued!

But the Mini Miniature Garden Milestones are way MORE Important…

Most importantly, they are all of you.

It’s the people like YOU who enjoy the hobby season after season, year after year. It’s YOU that taught me that this idea is a hobby, not a trend. YOU are the small milestones should not be overlooked on this journey. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ll know this part of my “creation story:”

So, every single time I thought about giving up this task. Every single time I thought about how a job at Target, stocking shelves, would be MUCH easier to do: Hey, I’d get regular paycheck! I wouldn’t feel obligated to work all. the. time! I could reclaim my house as a home! I would not have to think at all. And I would get vacation time… whoa! Now, THAT sounded like heaven.

BUT then I would get a phone call, email, letter or card in the mail, (you can tell I’ve been doing this for awhile,) telling me how much the hobby has changed their life and how grateful they are that I am doing this. A lot of them really brought a tear to my eye – I would sit back down at my desk and get back to work.

Here are just a couple of the sentiments I’ve received over the years. Some are so heartfelt and personal that I don’t feel right about sharing them – but all of them go straight to my heart and often times I’m not able to read them to Steve without tearing up. Sniff! But it’s a happy sniff! :o)

Thank you for being in the world, miniature and big!

Barbara from TX

Thank you for having something like this for people who love this hobby.

Judy in CA

Thanks Janit, you’re a bright light in an often dim world! 

Jane from NY

Great information and photos as usual Janit and I 100% couldn’t do any of what I love in the gardens without you.

Sophie in Australia

See what I mean?

What would you do?

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And it’s National Miniature Garden Month! Time to play in the miniature garden!

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