When life gives you lemons… A messed-up gift idea that didn’t pan-out forced me to get more creative that usual for this Mother’s Day. My present couldn’t be shipped Internationally which, being from Toronto, always makes me roll my eyes and laugh. It’s just Canada! That’s not a foreign country! I’m 2 hours away from it! Lol!

Being a Canadian in the States can get a bit challenging, so, one must get creative from time to time…

And now it’s time to make the lemonade.

See below for the plants in this miniature garden!

So, I thought to write a blog post dedicated to my mom and I asked my Mini Garden Gazette subscribers to help wish you a Happy Mother’s Day. And what a fun surprise I got from a few of them! Here it is, Mom:

Happy Mother’s Day Mom,
I messed up my idea for this year’s Mother’s Day present so here is a blog dedicated to you, the woman that is ultimately responsible for all of this. Yes, it is all your fault. Lol!  I wanted to stop and thank you for the talents and skills that I use every day to do this job of sharing my gifts with the world. So, let’s move along before we get even more sappy. Lol!
I want to thank you for introducing me to crafting. Those Pom-Pom Pets, the demin patches and rhinestone kits, the needlework kits and the frustrating knitting sessions were very fun and became my favorite thing to do. When I got older, it was you that always gave me the art supplies that kept me creative and feeling like I could be an artist.
Thank you for the love of miniatures. All those miniatures and furniture sets that you brought home from your travels, and the gifts you gave me when I was young, are still cherished. I set them up every once in a while, and enjoy them on my living room shelf for a month or a year. I still have the little towels and floor mats that we made for my wee bathroom.
And thank you for the decorating inspiration and sensibilities. The two houses that we lived growing up in were always decorated and very “matchy-matchy.” (A technical term.) I didn’t realize I was getting ongoing lessons on major design principles that I now unconsciously rely on daily in my work.
But the super-fun part of this Mother’s Day gift is the help I got from my fellow Miniature Gardeners. While you are responsible for me, they are responsible for keeping me engaged and growing with the hobby. (So, it’s their fault too, but I’m not pointing any fingers here... :o)
I asked for help from my subscribers to say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ because I did such a good job of botching my gift idea this year. 
With Love, 
Janit and the thousands of other Mini Garden Gazette Subscribers.
PS - And big miniature garden thank you to these very kind and talented women who took the time to help me! <3

Happiest of Mother’s Days! Thank you so much for bringing into the world the source of so much fun and laughs and creativity! 

Barbara in TX
Mom always loved the fairies, so I had to include one of my own miniature fairy houses, of course!

Kudos to that most prolific of propagators, Mother-of-Janit! The well raised and lovingly tended garden of delights that is your daughter’s unfailing imagination has sown so many seeds of inspiration and creativity, and brought so much delight to so many, we are in awe of the fertility of you both! Flourish and grow, the tiny world is grateful for your harvest!  

Suzanne in GA
The patio was made from our Mini Patio Mix Kit and built in a separate saucer to let cure. Building a patio this way makes it easy-peasy to install it and move it around!

Mom, a thousand miniature “thank you’s” add up to one huge I LOVE YOU!

Debby in WA
A tiny table and chairs are ready for tea with a friend. The world’s smallest dish garden makes a little conversation piece, no? :o)

Thanks for the memories that keep on giving!

Marjo in VA
Clockwise: the white flowers and the magenta flowers are Rhodohypoxis baurii. The tree is an old Jean Iseli Hemlock. The cascading plant at about 4 o’clock is White Thyme, above that is a plant that I’m testing out, the Oxalis ‘Ute.’ Find Kenilworth Ivy next to the patio. Across the stream at the very bottom are Miniature Daises (not blooming yet,) the Flore Pleno Cranesbill, the Little Gem Dwarf Spruce and the Miniature Zinnias. Inside, next to the river bed is Blue Star Creeper and Dwarf London Pride Saxifrage. See what plants are in stock up in our Miniature Garden Center today here.

To your mom, I would say, THANK YOU!!! With your guidance and inspiration, you made it possible for me to salivate over lovely mini gardens, learn how to create them and also shop effortlessly for the supplies. No one else does this kind of creative gardening like your daughter does or shares it as widely. You did good :D

Patricia in CA
Not a bridge too far at all. Lol! Quite possibly, the worlds cutest bridge. See it up in our store here.

Happy Mother’s Day to Janit’s Mom! Your daughter is a treasure. Thank you for lending her to us but you might not get her back. We love her too much!

Janice in SC

Your daughter has a gift for putting together the most beautiful products and inspirational garden picture than anyone else on the whole internet. No doubt she got some of her creative genes from you! 

Phyllis in AL
We have a “bigger” riverbed kit but they go together the same way: mix up the sizes of the same kind of rock for a realistic dry riverbed.

For your mom: have a blessed day and we enjoy your daughter’s gifts of creativity, fun and inspiration. Happy Mother’s Day!

Rebecca in FL

If your mom is responsible for this website and community, then I say your mom has made a giant contribution to the miniature world! A great big “Thank you, and Happy Mother’s Day!” to your mama! :)

Jodie in CO


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