Jennifer in California said it right, “This fairly quiet little website is deceiving: there is so much information here!”

The Miniature Garden Society website has been growing slowly alongside the new hobby of Gardening in Miniature for the last eight years. Eight years! That’s a lot of gathered information, new ideas and sharp insight that you just can’t find anywhere else.

This unusual site now boasts over 160 pages of all kinds of miniature garden fun. Such a big website for such a little hobby!

Along with in-ground miniature gardens, we’ve built two different fairy garden areas so we can experiment with the different patios, test more miniature plants in-ground, and also see if we can deter squirrel from digging up our wee worlds. Recent new projects have included a miniature lake, which adds a completely different level to the wee worlds.

So, What’s Inside the Miniature Garden Society?

Here’s a list of most of the pages. The plant directory pages AND my latest video on how to start a miniature garden in an existing garden bed isn’t included in the list… but you can see by the information alone, that this is a truly unique website.

PLUS there are photos, digital downloads and videos throughout the site that this list doesn’t mention:

  • About Light, Indoors and Outdoors
  • Accessories
  • Accessories: About Miniature Scales
  • Accessories: About Realistic Materials
  • Accessories: About What To Use
  • Accessories: Customizing
  • Accessories: Overview
  • Accessories: Weatherproofing
  • Accessories: Where to Find Accessories
  • Fairy Gardening
  • Fairy Gardening: Getting Started
  • Fairy Gardening: Made By Fairies
  • Tracy’s Fairy Garden – An On-Site Example
  • Fairy Gardening: Made FOR Fairies
  • Forums to Connect
  • Discussion Forum
  • Coffee Talk Forum
  • Mini Gardening News
  • Designing Inground
  • Digging Deeper
  • Digging Deeper: Creating Specific Themes
  • Digging Deeper: Curated Links
  • Digging Deeper: Garden & Mini Shows
  • Digging Deeper: Mini Garden Gift Ideas
  • Digging Deeper: Miniature Flower Arranging
  • Digging Deeper: Miniature Settings at the Philly Show
  • Digging Deeper: Photography Tips
  • Digging Deeper: The History of Miniature Gardening
  • Digging Deeper: Working with Naturals
  • Digging Deeper: YFMG’s Links
  • DIY Downloads
  • Plant Directory – an on-going list of trees and plants that are ideal for gardening in miniature
  • Garden Basics
  • Garden Basics – A Garden Renovation
  • Garden Basics – Pruning & Deadheading
  • Garden Basics: Fall Gardening Tips
  • Garden Basics: Indoor & Tropical Miniature Gardening
  • Garden Basics: Spring Gardening
  • Garden Basics: Summer Gardening
  • Garden Basics: Troubleshooting
  • Garden Basics: Winter Gardening Tips
  • Garden Basics: Gardening Overview
  • Garden Basics: How to Start Miniature Gardening
  • Garden Basics – Container Gardens
  • Garden Design Rules Miniaturized
  • Growing: Case Study, Fresno, CA
  • Miniature Garden Themes
  • How to Pack & Move Plants & Gardens
  • In-ground: Planning & Starting
  • Miniature Canals & Riverbeds
  • Miniature Garden Ponds
  • Miniature Garden Water Features
  • Miniature Lakes & Natural Ponds
  • Patio & Path
  • Stonework: Introduction
  • Stonework: Mini Patio Mix
  • Patios & Paths: Mini Pebble Patio Ebook
  • Plants: Trees & Shrubs
  • Broadleaf
  • Cypress
  • Hemlocks
  • Mugo Pine
  • Plants: About Miniature Plants
  • Plants: Bedding Plants
  • Plants: Origins of Miniature Plants
  • Plants: Using Annual Plants
  • Plants: Where to Find the Plants
  • Spruce
  • Plants: Sizing Your Plants
  • Projects
  • How to Bring an Outdoor Garden Inside Safely
  • Make Fun & Easy Miniature Yard Art
  • Miniature Mummies for Halloween
  • Miniature Yard Art
  • Thanksgiving Ideas
  • Christmas & Winter Holiday Ideas
  • Miniature Pumpkin Carving
  • Simplified Miniature Gardening
  • How to Make Miniature Zombies
  • The Business
  • The Business of: Classes & Workshops
  • The Business of: Getting Started
  • The Business of: Selling at Shows
  • The Business of: Selling at Street Markets
  • Ebooks
  • Printable Projects

Whew! That list is a bit obsessive, no? :o)

Hey, it only took me 23 years to do. It’s nothing, really. Lol!

And if you’re wondering if there is anything left of the hobby to document or write about, there is still puh-lenty in my opinion! The hobby of gardening in miniature can be a seasonal hobby – or it can keep you engaged all year ’round, year after year. It’s adaptable and accessible, rich and deep or simply sweet. Your miniature garden = your choice.

And this exclusive community website is just the thing…

It’s A Living Book About a Living Hobby

If you’re familiar with my work published in the two Gardening in Miniature books, published by Timber Press, this Miniature Garden Society website is my books on steroids. It’s been 10 years since the first books was published and this exclusive members-only website has been kept up to date with the latest findings, techniques, and troubleshooting that didn’t fit into the books, or were discovered and documented since.

So, if you’re a subscriber to my Mini Garden Gazette, this is where the all tips and techniques from the Gazettes are collected and organized.

If you are a fairy gardener – and want to get more garden into your fairy garden – this site is for you too.

But wait, there’s more.

A screenshot of the new video now up in the Miniature Garden Society on starting a new in-ground miniature garden.

More Mini Garden Access to More Mini Garden Insight

Only because you asked: I made another Mini Garden Club membership level is just to access the information on the website. This level is perfect for the miniature and fairy gardeners who only want the information, the directions, the project and the insight. Plus – there is a forum to connect with your fellow MGS members, ask any questions or get feedback.

The Fellowship Level includes free ebooks, a standing 15% discount to our online Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center Store, individual email help and insight into building a business around this hobby, including production, transporting and selling.

You can see more details of this unique website plus a comparison chart of the membership levels, here at the Miniature Garden Society.

For more of my work:

To shop for your miniature garden:

Or to join us for your almost weekly: Mini Garden Gazette, click here.

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